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Reach for the Throne of Your Experience

Reach for the Throne of Your Experience

If you could choose how to feel right now, how would you feel? If you had the choice to embody anything you could possibly imagine, what would it be? When you go inside and look for the most amazing state of mind you ever had, what does that feel like?

Would you feel the way you feel right now? Would you embody what you are embodying right now? Would you abide in your current state of mind?

It doesn’t matter what you want. The only thing that matters is what stops you from it. The only thing that matters is how trivial the obstacles really are.

Everything you have ever experienced, you created yourself.

Every emotion, feeling, sensation, state of being, and quality of presence is something you created in response to something out there. Nothing out there caused these things, you did.

But if you did, why are you not feeling the way you would ideally like to feel? Why are you making your presence dependent on external events? Would you choose euphoria or peace? Ecstasy or boundless confidence?

I wonder why we are biased to believe that we need authorization to be fully, totally and completely just as we want in the immediate moment.

No, of course. You wouldn’t feel the way you are feeling right now. You probably wouldn’t even read this. You are waiting for something to happen to give yourself permission to be how you want to be, who you know you are, at your utmost best: radically alive.

How would you experience yourself right now if you were limitlessly and radically alive?

What is your existential contingency plan? You already know who you can be, you already know what your peak expression is. It comes to you in fleeting visions you forbid yourself from owning. But on what authority?

Who, other than you, is more qualified to tell you how omnipotent you can be? How alive are you allowing yourself to feel?

You always are and always were in the absolute seat of your power.

This bias must be overcome! The bias that there are conditions to being total, that there is an external authority on how boundless you can be, that you must filter your impulses through layers of thought.

If you can think it you can be it. When you remove the obstacles between your thoughts and your actions you are limitless in your presence. Because you can feel anyway you like, whenever you like, wherever you like, regardless of the external conditions. As long as you are, and you realize what that entails, you can begin to notice that you always are and always were in the absolute seat of your power.

What stops you from sitting, effortlessly, in the throne of your experience other than the assumption of obstacles?
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