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Discover Your Radical Presence

Discover Your Radical Presence

I will begin by asking you questions. I will continue by asking even more. I will annoy you by not being satisfied with the answers. I won’t care if you get pissed off. 

You are sitting here because you noticed something was going on in your life. You are stagnating. Yet you are doing everything just as you should. But following the script will only get you this far, never further than the script. And unless you are writing the script, it was written by someone else. That’s no way to live.

I will take you to a place where words will cease to make sense. You will struggle to come up with the familiar answers. This is where you need to be to find out something about yourself, something that was not scripted. Something you have forgotten to remember. You want to discover yourself, you want to unleash your personal, your unique power. You want to release your excellence. You can only find that beyond the script.

It will feel like I’m straining you. But you are not moving one muscle. It is difficult to deny your programming, and it feels like violating an instinct. Just that it’s the wrong one. 

And I will ask you: “Do you want to be comfortable or do you want to grow?” 

Then there is the issue of old momentum. You will want to regress. You will say that it’s all fine, it’s all ok. But you will need me to tell you that it’s not. We are here because you are looking to flame your personal excellence. And to do that, I will tell you things none of your friends will ever tell you. I will show you the things you have avoided for years. The very doors you are trying to keep open that close the one’s you are dying to enter.

Yes, there is an order to things. There is an order you can see, and there is an order that creates what you see. I will show you how to stop consuming the former and operate on the latter. You will not just accept the cards life deals you anymore, you will have the skill to trade them in. You will distort reality.

You won’t manipulate anyone. No, you won’t even manipulate yourself. You will do the exact opposite. You will abort all compensation, all mitigation, all self-minimization, all overthinking and overdoing. You will discover what it’s like to live generatively as a presence in resonance, as a presence in flow.

You will be magnetic, you will be effortless, you will be calm, you will be full of it. The good stuff only, if you so choose. You will have the choice to re-arrange the elements of your reality. You won’t be tyrannized by your mind anymore, you won’t be at its mercy anymore. Effort will fade more and more from your experience. You will perform better, faster, and with less effort.

And it’s simple. Why? Because you will have more flow, and you will know how to generate it. At the intersection of thought and action, mind and body, war and peace, discomfort and comfort, you will realize first hand what it means to control yourself, and thus reality.

The pang of discomfort is temporary, the anguish of stagnation is eternal.

You will at last stop looking for approval, and finally achieve success. You won’t need to measure yourself by the skewed standards imposed, because you will become the standard. You will have the boldness to stroll where no one has crawled before, because you can now see the targets that no one else is able to see.

Yes, now you are focussed. You define the ground upon which you stand. You have awoken to the force of nature, and you cast your own reality field. There is no more danger, because you are the danger. Even when it’s hard, now things come easy to you. You have discovered Radical Presence. That’s where I leave you.

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