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Now, There Is a Method to the Madness

Now, There Is a Method to the Madness

You know these days that are so perfect you can barely believe it? You wake up in the morning and your mind is immediately clear, you actually want to wake up.

In fact, you woke up just a few seconds before your alarm was set to ring. The room temperature is just perfect. The water is just perfect.

Every thing not only seems to fall into place, everything is falling into place. Traffic lights uncannily turn green as you approach them. And people respond to you in a different way than usual, warmer and fresher.

You’re not even having a good hair day, you seem to just ooze a magnetic charisma, a presence in flow with the world. 

One of the most extraordinary things about these days that most seem to miss is that it’s not the day. It’s you. You didn’t just hit the jackpot on some freak statistical anomaly of a day, you made it happen yourself. You were in flow with reality, you were resonating with yourself, you had Radical Presence, you distorted your reality with infectious magnetism.

The important question is of course, why don’t you have these kinds of days more often? Or why do you have them, maybe even in succession, only on these rare occasions? 

The problem is dissonance. You are disembodied, fragmented, and out of sync with yourself. Your mind and your body are split, your conscious and unconscious in conflict, and your thought severed from action.

The world you experience with your awareness is after all a rendering of your unconscious, the mind with which you will and intend needs a body that responds to it, and your thoughts should at least be able to effect what you intend with them. 

What if you knew just how you transformed thought into action? What if there were no obstacles in the way of your self-expression? How easily would it be to be confident, happy, and in the zone?

But that is not possible when you are operating from false premises. It is not possible when you are living in a simulated rendering of the world. A virtualized reality in which you are nothing but another element. A concept, with boundaries and past bound generalizations you fool yourself into conforming with. 

It’s unlikely that you respond to the world, you are more likely responding to your interpretation of it. And so you find yourself so self-conscious, or concept conscious, that you are unaware of the reality at hand and disconnected from your actual self.

The key is finding resonance. Returning yourself to where you are truly rooted. It’s impossible to get to your destination without knowing your origin. You will always end up somewhere messed up.

As a little thought experiment, what does it take for you to define your quality of existence?

What would it take for you right now to jump up in energetic excitement? It will be some external event. Maybe someone calling you sharing some good news, or a special someone with a special something knocking on your door. Let’s assume that I convince you that this very event is happening, how do you respond if not with ecstatic excitement?

The funny thing is that a mere belief based on a lie allows you to do something that you are, if you are most people, unable to do directly. And possibly, even if you had imagined the incident, would not have had the same impact, if any.

You are locked out of your kingdom. Resonance is your way back in. Resonance is claiming the throne and seizing your personal power.

What does this tell you about yourself? What does this tell you about your ability to communicate with yourself? What if you could intersect your thoughts into actions as immediately as during the above example?

What if you could cut out the the middle man of virtuality and trigger this facet of your capacities without effort? What if you had the resonance and total self-alignment to be at your disposal rather than at your mercy?

The absurd thing is that the mobilization of your innate capacities is mediated by this massive detour of virtuality. Rather than to directly relate to yourself, you are being patched through random sequences of symbols upon the basis of which you give yourself permission to 'somewhat be'. You are locked out of your kingdom, and to find the key you will have to resonate with yourself to claim back what you already have at your disposal: your totality.

Just Do It, without the Just and the It.

The easiest way to do this is by practicing Resonance. Resonance is not only a state of mind and existence, it is also a meditation technique that develops your ability to distinguish and suspend virtuality, and cultivates your ability to think as action. 

Thought as action is what differentiates just thinking about closing your fist and actually doing it. It’s what differentiates wishing to feel amazing and just releasing all presumed obstacles to just manifest it. It is Just Do It, without the Just and the It.

Thought as action is experienced as a subtle motion you can cultivate and trigger without the need to think. This is intending and willing directly without words, symbols, and representations. The implications of this, are of course massive. 

When your body wakes up when you do, when you mind minds when you do, when your conscious and the rest of your mind flow with each other, you are in flow with yourself. But not only that, you are in flow with reality. 

Your mind is just a tool, it’s time you put it back in its place.

Gone is the need to wait for someone to say something nice for you to authorize yourself to be confident.

Gone is the spontaneous mental sluggishness you experience when you forget that you are in control. 

Gone is the anxiety and unnecessary fear when you not only control your thoughts but develop a revolutionary relationship with them. Your mind is just a tool, it’s time you put it back in its place.

Like other meditation techniques, Resonance, increases your mental bandwidth and your ability to focus. The big difference, however, is that 99% of meditation techniques employ the very devices that sever you from yourself in the process. They either tell you to suppress your thoughts, and thus reinforce them, or they make you develop even more dependency on virtuality by using visualizations or concepts as means for self-hypnosis. 

The same is true for the modern meditation apps which have nothing to do with meditation at all. A guided meditation is no meditation, it is 'guided meditation' and by definition a suggestion guided experience. Unless it teaches you how to do it without getting more and more dependent on it, you are drinking the Kool aid. You might as well watch a movie.

Meditation is liberating you from the shackles of your own default programming, hypnosis is the very opposite. It is programming you to throw even more obstacles in the way of yourself.

What Resonance does primarily is develop flow. That is you in total alignment and at your own disposal. It’s a level of self mastery that is indistinguishable from reality mastery. It is what will allow you to develop and cultivate the reality flow you experience on those rare statical freak days. Just that now, there is a method to the madness.

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