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Are You Distorting Reality or Is Reality Distorting You?

Are You Distorting Reality or Is Reality Distorting You?

No reality is pure. Distortion is a prime feature of consciousness.  Illusion, after all, is the basis of all reality. Delusion is the failure to understand that.

Reality is not a thing but a quality. Your consciousness has a very specific set of constraints and parameters. For you to be aware of anything, what you think to be 'out there' must first be edited into a format you can make sense of. 

Illusion is the basis of all reality. Delusion is the failure to understand that. Can you imagine how real your illusions are? 

This happens pre-cognitively, pre-conceptually, and thus outside your conscious awareness. And it should be noted that everything you can do unconsciously you can learn to do consciously. Because you already are, indirectly.

Some individuals have this seemingly uncanny force that can distort the fabric and flex the boundaries of other people’s reality. It comes with an ability to shift the ground upon which they stand, warp perspectives and distort the reality field.

This, however, is not a manipulative or coercive process but an effortlessly organic and barely perceptible affair in action. It becomes a mere function of your presence. It is your presence, on the infinitely complex unconscious and pre-cognitive levels, that not just causes your reality but actively creates it. 

You provoke reality into the order you experience by virtue of your presence.

Yes, not one of your senses is in direct contact with the raw, unfiltered and unconstructed reality that may or may not be 'out there'. All sensations you are having right now and will ever experience are by default filtered, transformed, redacted, distorted and embellished by your mind. Being that minds are by default unconscious, all of this happens before your relatively small nugget of consciousness is fed with the illusion of an immediate reality.

How is it then that you distort your reality? By what conscious means can you develop a presence so powerful that it bends, without any conscious effort, your reality and that of others?

How much of everything do we not yet know? How many interpretations can you assign to any one event?

If you had each possible variant at your disposal, which would you choose?

What if you didn’t even need to consciously choose which would align the most with you goals, your values, and your purpose?

How powerful would your reality distortion field be once you learned its workings?

What if you knew how to distort reality as an unconscious reflex in alignment with your conscious objectives? Forget about Steve Jobs, let’s talk Neo.

You have to develop a certain focus, a certain quality of awareness as well as a particular experience of yourself and the world. It’s once your totality is in utter alignment that you can begin to unleash the transformational focus that will bend and shape all and everything in your field of action to either fall off, away, or into place. 

There can’t be any conflict. You must clean up and streamline all your priorities to converge on this one singular idea that as a truth becomes more fundamental than any peripheral distraction. Your focus, your presence, and reality, at this point, develop the laser like flow of transformational focus. And your presence will become effortless, magnetic and infectious. Tell me I sound crazy, I will tell you it’s natural. I have history on my side.

A reality is only as real as it is purposeful, and only as false as it is exclusive. Will you distort the fabric of your reality, or will you keep allowing it to distort you?

The abundant simplicity of this is due to one fact you might have gleaned from the previous passages. That most people, including you, live in an imagined reality. And it's easy to distort a reality so fundamentally dependent on illusion.

Once you discover your truly unique expression of presence and develop the transformational focus to embody it in the world, reality will cease to exist as a mere confluence of conflicting intentions but become a powerful stream of clarity that dances with and provokes reality in the image of your deepest values.

As simple as that.

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