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Resonance Will Ignite You

Resonance Will Ignite You

Are you at your own disposal? Are you in the driver’s seat of your life and on the throne of your experience? Do you decide when you are at your best or is it decided for you? Do you have a veto on when you feel bad, resentful, disempowered, weak, guilty, ashamed, and fragile? 

You know how to move your hands, you don’t have to wait for the wind to help you with that. You know how to stand up straight, you don’t need the gravitational force of this planet to decrease. Why then are you so helpless when it comes to expressions of fullness, of flow, of energy, of joy, of zest, of personal power, of confidence, of enthusiasm, of peak performance, of grit, of resilience, of playfulness, of gratitude, of charisma, of creativity, of peace, and of euphoria? 

Yes, you are locked out of your kingdom

Now, it would seem that you are making your quality of existence and your level of vitality and ability wholly dependent on external factors. It’s fair to say that when it comes to the more complex expressions, you wait for yourself to happen to you. For someone who has begun to master those spheres of self-expression you would count as disabled, just as you would judge someone who is unable to control his or her limbs. Yes, you are locked out of your kingdom. 

Why are you in dissonance with yourself? Why can’t you generate the capacity at your disposal? How can you find resonance with yourself and your capacities? The biggest obstacle in the way of yourself is, of course, yourself. But if you look closely at this age old truth you will notice that it depends on at least three of you. There is the you that wants to get somewhere, the you in the way, and the you the first you wants to get to. We call this the wacky trinity, fragmented, disembodied, and disconnected from your base of power.

Dissonant Fragments

Naturally, when no one is in the cockpit the plane crashes. When three pilots fight for control you can at the least expect to veer off course. You can forget about it when the pilot has a multiple personality disorder, because at this point the problems only compound. 

Why don’t you embody yourself as an utter and radical presence?

If your totality, that is your mind and your body, is not wholly inhabited by yourself, the obvious and ordinary ills are to be expected. As a dissonant presence you are anxious, stressed, weak, conflicted, paralyzed, uncertain, unfocussed, struggling for motivation, and wondering why your body doesn’t wake up when you do; why your mind doesn’t mind when you do; why you don’t perform as you want to; and why you don’t embody yourself as an utter and radical presence.


Now, when you ask yourself who or what you are, what do you come up with? You will have some idea. And that idea will be a concept. The main property of a concept is boundaries. This concept will be somewhere in the part of your mind that handles symbols and pictures. Let’s call that your imagination. However, this imagination is not like the common imagination that you can distinguish from the actual world out there because you actually believe that you are this conceptual version of yourself. When your imagination is confused with actuality, it’s called virtuality. And in this particular case, you are guilty of virtualizing yourself and the world. Yes, all of this happens in your mind. 

So there you are in your alleged full glory, a concept in your virtuality, in your imagination, in your mind. But where is your mind? Is it not inside of you? How can you be a subset of a subset of a subset of a subset of yourself?

It’s precisely this default tendency that is at the root of your dissonance. Rather than to be present to yourself, you are absorbed with a fictional version of yourself in a simulated rendering of the world. As long as you believe yourself to be this conceptual fragment, however conveniently graspable by your symbolic intellect, you will be at odds with yourself, severed from your totality, and disconnected from your personal power.

In resonance, the obstacles in the way of yourself simply disappear and the boundaries you previously imposed on yourself deliquesce. Kiss your wacky trinity goodbye!

Your total presence awakens when you begin to suspend virtuality, and relegate your symbolic mind back to where it belongs: the toolbox. Your personal power is found by dissolving the fragmentation in resonance.

When you stop living as a concept in virtuality, the causes for dissonance dissolve into the very alignment that allows you to do the very things your human equipment was made for: exceeding it. Because when you are in sync with yourself, you respond to yourself.

When you are in resonance, the obstacles in the way of yourself simply disappear, and the boundaries you previously imposed on yourself deliquesce. Kiss your wacky trinity goodbye!

Motion Is Thought as Action

You would have no idea what to answer if I asked you how you manifest events in yourself. You might say that you decide or that you will them, but once I ask you for specifics rather than mere labels, you would be at a loss.

The means by which you manifest expressions from motor functions like flexing a muscle to more complex expressions like moods, states of mind, or emotions is by default unconscious. And something you mediate by indirect means, like  speaking to yourself, picturing something or by waiting for external conditions to give you permission to magically make it happen. In the end, all expressions are self generated and you have no idea how you do it.

Ordinarily, you will regulate yourself by relying on your autonomic nervous system. And for the little fancies you cook up with your intentions in your symbolic mind, you will make pictures, sounds, and symbols to create the desired response.

Of course, in some cases, like flicking your wrist, this roundabout way of filtering your intentions through your virtuality is not necessary because you practiced well enough as a child. You established a direct connection.

Motion is thought as action. It’s where your intentions and your expressions are one and the same and thus bypass the virtualized mind. 

When you form a wrist without needing to form a mental image or similar, you are vitalizing a motion. You are simply doing it, without presumed intellectual barriers. The issues with filtering everything through your intellect, is that your intellect is severely limited by its vocabulary and conditions. 

Intentions must first pass by your barrage of beliefs, about yourself, about your abilities, about the world, and so on. And then, can only be cognized by your awareness if you have the vocabulary to represent the very thing you already experienced in its subtler form.

After all, the world and you are more than just a series of statements. And the subtle and yet undiscovered realms of your abilities will unlikely have representations in the dictionary, and thus be non-existent to your intellect. At least the symbolic part.

Resonance = Presence

The essential level of thought is where intention and expression intersect, it’s the bed of motion. When you are in resonance, direct expressions are not inhibited and easily discovered and established. You can let go of the tendency to subordinate yourself to virtuality, and generate expressions at varying degrees of complexity.

Imagine energizing yourself with the same intimate immediacy as flicking your wrist, or generating the clarity of mind and confidence just as you set it in your mind. And not just by thinking and hoping for it, but by vitalizing its motion and directly manifesting its expression. Resonance gives you the ability to ignite yourself in intimate immediacy, not just with the task but with your very presence in immediate flow with the world at hand.

Can you already imagine just how much effortlessness you can squeeze out of yourself and how much bigger your slice of life will be once you are at your utter and immediate disposal?

Resonance is the relationship you strike with yourself when you are most alive. You will have noticed glimpses of it through music, dance, sex, art, performance, creativity, or physical exertion.

The moments when you dissolve in something bigger than that little conceptual self, you reach this state where your presence is in utter alignment with your attention. That is when the boundary between self and reality dissolves, and all you notice is a self-perpetuating euphoric presence. You at your uninhibited and utmost best.

Wouldn’t you want to stabilize in this state of presence? Wouldn’t you want to cultivate your ability to ignite yourself? Can you already imagine just how much effortlessness you can squeeze out of yourself and how much bigger your slice of life would be? 

How much longer are you going to wait to claim back the keys to your kingdom?
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