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Vast Personal Power

Vast Personal Power

Whatever You Can Make Sense of You Are Made Of

I like to throw this statement at people and see what it provokes. Some agree, others disagree. While others, get it straight away.

Buried in the truth of this statement is the key to vast personal power, one of the principles of Radical Presence and the general philosophy of Vast.

It means to understand, not only in theory but in practice, that your quality of existence is fundamentally unconditional. That nothing can shake you unless you shake yourself, and that everything you crave, seek and aspire to, you do for a vaster sense of yourself, an amplified meaning of your presence, within and without. 

And this vaster sense of yourself is something you do and can do regardless of what life throws at you, because only you wield the power of meaning. And meaning is everything.

Who gives meaning to the world?

Who assigns qualities to its elements?

Who distorts the unfathomable reality stream into its conventional form?

There is a reason why his reality different from yours and her reality different from his.

Only you wield the power of meaning. You are its seat, the lap of creation, the ignition of reality.

You can’t make sense of anything without meaning. There is always meaning. That’s how you know the difference between a saber and a carrot, a smartphone and a vibrator, and between yesterday and tomorrow. 

The paradoxical thing about meaning is that, by definition, the meaning of a thing is everything but the thing itself. Without you generating the meaning of a thing, it is simply meaningless, formless, invisible, and undifferentiated from all else.

Meaning Is Something You Do

Meaning is generated within your mind, inside your body. Yes, whatever you can make sense of you are made of, because you had to create the meaning of ‘it’ to make it anything at all. 

When I call your name, you feel and sense what it means for it to be your name. The meaning of the word, imagining for a while that your name is Hippolyte, is generated in response to my call and identified for what it is. This sense of meaning is called motion. 

The words and symbols carry the motion of meaning. And we project these symbols out on to the objects in the world, and then pretend we didn’t do it.

Where is your power? Where is your meaning? Where is its motion?

A symbol of authority will drain you of authority, in spite of your blatant creation of its validity. You can’t make sense of a thing you are not creating or haven't created first. The confidence you notice in another person is your confidence. Because you, in order to recognize it, had to cognize it. In order to notice it, you had to make it. Right here, right there, inside of you.

You can only recognize what you’ve cognized. And so the confidence you notice in another person is your confidence. The power you project onto the world is your power.

Unconditional Quality of Existence

It is easy, at least for some, to experience a personal infinity when they are on their own. However, that all crumbles once their fragile reality frame is confronted with the crushing mass of ordinary reality.

The flaw in most personal development programs and spiritual traditions, from questionnaires to meditation techniques, is that what they allow you to create collapses in the pit of action. Though, they are useful, most of them amount to nothing more than empowering narratives to tell yourself when your head is in the sand. Hindsight isn't, hindsight was.

Stop singing in the shower, belt it out into the world.

What happens when you are confronted with the symbols and you don’t have time to go through your 5 step process or listen to your meditation app? The same old thing, just that now you know what you could have done in the moment after the moment passed.

Talking about problems doesn’t solve problems, solving problems solves problems. Freud could have figured that out if he hadn’t been high on cocaine for most of the time. He could have figured out that a challenge happens in the present, not in the past.

It’s the capacity to realize yourself in the heat of action that will allow you to realize your capacity to act powerfully.

As you make sense of the world and its elements by imbuing them with meaning, you are also excluding yourself from embodying the motion of their meaning. That's how you restrict yourself from embodying the qualities you perceive in others. 

The zero sum mindset is like a mathematician limited to the use of addition and subtraction. It's the basic idea that whatever is present in some place must be absent in another. Or put differently, the mindset of, 'For me to be happy you must be unhappy' and vice versa.

We must exorcise the primitive logic of the zero sum mindset at all costs. Because meaning, qualities, values, and states of existence are not like fossil fuels or precious gems, they are infinite. 

But what does this all have to do with vast personal power? What does this all have to do with Radical Presence? 

A Matter of Approval

What prevents you from being who you are to the vastest extent if not your inability to experience and embody and feel its meaning? 

What prevents you from feeling powerful in the face of power if not the zero sum mindset? 

What causes you to prostrate and minimize yourself for the approval of others other than the redistribution of your authority? 

What other than the belief that symbols, events and people carry the very thing you need to find adequacy, disable you from giving yourself permission be your utmost self?

What other than your unawareness of the motion of meaning within you causes you to believe it is out there and not always yours to begin with?

Whatever meaning you seek, whatever value you aspire to, whatever quality you crave, it is already here, in your chest.

But as you generate the motion of its meaning, you point the finger out and say: “It’s not in me, it’s in them. It’s not me, it’s out there.”

It doesn’t matter whether you projected it upon this or that, or him or her. Whatever quality of existence you might have promised yourself from a token of external approval can become accessible to you with immediacy.

The glitches in our default understanding of presence are the chief reason why it isn't accessible to you right now. What sense of self are you chasing in your endeavors? What quality of existence are your promising yourself from them? And why do you think that one is dependent on the other?

Once you understand how motion creates meaning and how you deny yourself of its fruits, you will be able to skip the need for external approval and realize Radical Presence. As the seat of meaning and the lap of motion, you will be able to define your quality of existence and your relationship with the world around you. 


A Game of Motion and Meaning

The methods and principles of Vast can show you how to become a Radical Presence, as the only authority in the light of reality.

The importance of and general difficulty in breaking the cycle lies in its recursion and absurdity. 

You externalize your power into an external authority, who in turn gains the power to validate you.

Once they validate you, you are magically possessed by a jolt of presence.

Because you gave yourself permission to embody the motion of the meaning, the sense of the quality of existence you sought in the people and objects.

And when the high of approval fades, the table is ready and set for you to do it all over again, and again, and again... 

But on what authority can other people and events validate you if not on the authority that you gave them in the first place? 

On what authority can anything be an authority if not your own?

You might even have noticed that the people and objects you play this game with are not even participating. You are ultimately playing it with yourself, as the sole player, opponent, referee and audience of the game. 

You see, the thing with games is this. If you are playing a game, it better be fun. If you invent a game, you better win. If you keep losing at a game you’ve been playing all your life, it might be time to cheat, or burn the rule book and drop it entirely. 

We can talk about hypotheticals with all the breath in the world, unless you can make it a reality it is nothing but poetry. However, once you truly grasp the principles of Vast and begin to discover your Radical Presence you will not only understand but realize, in all its implications, the living truth of the opening statement.

Whatever you can make sense of, you are made of.
The Substance of Reality as Radical Presence

The Substance of Reality as Radical Presence

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