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One Bold Move a Day

One Bold Move a Day

Forget about the discomfort for a while. Forget about the fear of stigma. Let yourself flow with the wind of your whims. Don’t be afraid of what you want, don’t shy away from the tickle.

What if there were no consequences? What if it were as little a deal as trying to throw a ball of scrunched up paper into the wastebasket? You either miss, indifferently, or you make the shot in jubilation.

I dare you to try get into trouble. I dare you to a bold move. I dare you to take a risk. Get yourself into a pickle and eat it.

What stops you from doing the crazy thing if not your fear of projected pain? No, not real pain, just a little emotional pang because you had such oh so high expectations. There is no failure, there are only misfires, calibrations, test runs, constructive attempts and reality challenges.

The irrational fear is just a fossil of your past. That weird giddy feeling that makes you shake a little is the beacon of your future. Don’t walk backwards into the future, dive in headlong.

I want you to put your emotions at risk. I want you to put your expectations at risk. I want you to put yourself in the firing line and realize that there is no fire to begin with. There is only the lack of the familiar.

When the waters are dark, you only need to dive in once to know their depth. Dive first, pioneer yourself. 

You are more than petty risk aversion. You are a presence of action. You’ve been given these hands with which to do. You’ve been given this brain with which to think. You’ve been given this mouth with which to speak. You’ve been given these legs with which to leap, and this electricity with which to ignite.

No matter what you do, the facts of your existence will remain. You are because of, in spite of, and irrespective of the external conditions.

But I’m not asking you to pick a fight. I’m not asking you break your legs. Would I be asking you to break the law?

I’m asking you take a leap of faith. No matter how small, to probe into the unknown you have flagged as dangerous. I want you to deny your programming, once a day.

I want to see you be you respecting you. Because you can’t respect your boundaries without disrespecting yourself.

Take one bold emotional risk a day, and bolder by the day.

You can be an explorer exploring himself. You can be a painter painting herself. You can be a boat, sailing beyond its own waters. The adventure begins when you leave the perimeter. This tickle you call fear, that’s where your life begins.

Play the game, take the challenge.

Will you take the challenge? Before you go to bed, I want you think of something outrageous. I want you to think of something small that you never had the nerve to do in spite of the tickle of excitement it gives you. 

The game is just to do, not to expect.

I want you to enter into a covenant with me and your vaster self to live beyond your perimeter. Not as a destination, but as a state of mind. The next day, you will take your emotional risk. Try to hit the wastebasket. The only thing you have to do is to reach beyond yourself. And gain new ground. 

Don’t seek perfection, seek boldness. Ignite yourself fearlessly. Ignite yourself in the fire of your hesitation.

Well, you might have started small, it may have been too easy. But the game is not over it. On the same day, at night, before you go to sleep, I want you to think of another emotional risk.

Up the ante, and do it the next day—again and again for a week. You will be more than surprised. Your life might change in drastic ways. Your presence will magnetize with certainty.

Take the challenge and flex you boldness, put your emotions at risk. You deserve yourself beyond the push and pull of fear and familiarity. 

You exist in only one place, beyond the boundaries. Let boldness take you there. Let boldness shape you.
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