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The Vital Element

The Vital Element

No one struggles with their life. The only thing you could ever struggle with is yourself. The only thing that prevents you from doing it as you need with the results that will please is you.

You might have ticked all the boxes you set yourself up with a few years ago, but the big payoff you’ve been doing it for is nowhere to be found. What were you really doing it for then? Where is Xanadu?

The vital element is missing, the vital element is you.

The human condition is a simple condition, too simplistic for the complexity of our minds. Because it all comes down to one thing: presence.

Presence is who you are to yourself, and to the world as a whole. It’s your present moment totality: you mind—conscious and unconscious, your health, your patterns, your reflexes, your values, your disposition, your attitude, your pheromones, your physiology, the world around you, and your reality.

Who you are is your presence. Who you think you are is your ego. The former enables you, the latter disables you.

You can’t do a thing any better than you can do it. If you are not operating at your best, it is a clear issue of self-sabotage. Shifting your presence into alignment with your goals, strengths and values will allow you to remove the blocks in your way.

The blocks are yours. The blocks are you. The blocks are the uncertainty of being in dissonance. Move yourself out of the way and into the way to become the way, boundlessly.

The only way to be your best is by being at your best. If only you could perform at the peak of your capacities and ignite yourself to that end whenever needed, the dilemmas and problems would fade. When you truly know what your limits are, yet are constantly playing against them, nothing can shake you. 

Personal power comes from the deep realization that nothing can shake you unless you shake yourself. Driven performance and effortlessness of being result from knowing how to do it.

My speciality is taking people to the deepest level of their experience. Where their reality is created. Where their stories are believed. Where their abilities lie dormant and ignite them beyond comprehension by patching them into the executive control centre of their mind and body, directly. 

That’s the vital element. That is how you make yourself confident, powerful, calm, fearless, and satisfied. All of these states are actions you take unconsciously in passive response to your thoughts and your interpretation of reality. However, you can take these actions consciously once you understand the principles behind them. 

You can ignite your presence to your very own needs and specifications. You can ignite yourself without waiting for permission. You are the authority, be the authority.

If an achievement doesn’t feel satisfying nor real, it’s because you are not getting the vital element you promised yourself from it. If you can’t face a challenge with clarity and confidence, it’s because you are severed from this vital element. 

In the first case, you are chasing a feeling about yourself, a sense of wholeness, a presence you hope to become. And you chase that in other things, you make your personal power and your level In the second case you can’t ignite the most powerful version of yourself to meet the challenge and experience reticence, hesitance and doubt in response.

The best you is the freest you. The best you is the aligned you. The best you can shift into the state and ignite it when needed. The best you faces the music, because the best you composes it. It is the best you who conducts it.

Tell me, who is the best you?

How does the best you do you?

Can you experience yourself as the positive difference?
As the Flow of the Totality

As the Flow of the Totality

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