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Electric Radical Presence

Electric Radical Presence

Imagine yourself with a choice. A simple and most powerful choice over your present quality of existence.

If you truly had the choice right now, how would you decide to feel?

What version of yourself would you shift yourself into?

What state of mind would you exhibit?

What emotional tone would you set?

Your answer to the above set of questions, regardless of whether you chose peace or euphoria is your presence.

Your presence is who you are to yourself and to the world. It’s your total quality of existence in relationship to your reality.

What does it take for you to define your quality of existence? Forget waiting for external conditions to be just right for you to give yourself permission to another aspect of yourself. Your quality of existence is in all moments and in all circumstances generated by yourself.

Wouldn’t you want to know how to consciously generate your ideal quality of existence?

You learned how to consciously move your fingers in the most complex choreographies. Have you yet considered the rest of you?

What about moving yourself into confidence, euphoria, hope and wonder with the intimate immediacy of nodding your head? This simplest and most powerful choice is a choice you can make. It’s a choice you have always made.

What if you could move yourself into any state of existence? What if you could simply dissolve anxiety and worry into clarity and focus?

Radical Presence is yourself at your best and at your disposal as you need and want it. It is the ability to ignite yourself and shift your presence, your quality of existence, in just the way you desire.

It is the opposite of the conditional egoic existence we are taught to embody. Why wait for outside circumstances to permit you to be your best, if you can cut out the middle men to yourself?

Why, if you had the choice, would you ever not be at your best? Snap out of the delusion that you are not in charge. Snap out of the passive acceptance of whatever story and obstacles you impose in the way of yourself.

If you could discover just how you actually manifest your internal states of mind, mood and emotion, you wouldn’t have to be at the mercy of your reality interpretation. You would be able to not only define your moment to moment capacity of presence, but you would create realities rather than join them.

Snap out of the delusion that you are not in charge. Learn how to create realities, and not just join them.

I was recently told that the innovations of my philosophy sound too good to be true. I responded, either stop listening or try it for yourself. You have every opportunity to find out for yourself by direct experience. The proof is in the pudding.

The magic happens at the intersection of thought and action. Motion is a revolutionary discovery, it is the nexus of intention and expression. Once you develop awareness over this facet of yourself, you can learn to wield it in just the way that you can form the sound of any word in your mind’s ear.

Radical Presence is the realization that you are It, because of, in spite of and irrespective of the conditions.

It is to realize that nothing can shake you unless you shake yourself, that nothing moves you unless you do so.

It is to render yourself in resonance with yourself and complete alignment to cease the compulsory need to filter yourself through your mind frames. 

Radical Presence is when you have the skill to relate to yourself without symbols, words and pictures but in the immediate language of personal impact: electric motion. And this allows you to exercise direct control over you present quality of existence.

Radical Presence is the ultimate step to self mastery.
Resonance Is Total Alignment

Resonance Is Total Alignment

Flow As Awareness, Rest In Motion

Flow As Awareness, Rest In Motion