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Practice Ruthless Clarity

Practice Ruthless Clarity

I practice ruthless clarity. I question everything with a playful lust for destruction. I don’t question things just to break them. I break things to make them. Truth is like water, lies are like wood. You can only stir the former, while only the latter breaks.

A reality is only as real as it is useful, and only as false as it is exclusive. 

Don’t be afraid of breaking it. If you can break it wasn’t true to begin with. If it has no legs to stand on, let’s put it to bed. It never had any legs to stand on. Clarity is ruthless, because clarity only concerns itself with substance. To make way for the true, out with old.

There is no absolute reality other than in theory. And a theory is just hypothetical. It’s a fact that no theory is true other than for its pragmatic and predictive value. Even if we were to find out that some physical laws are in some way wrong, adjustments happen often enough, planes wouldn’t suddenly fall from the sky or bridges collapse.

We can think what we want about the world, we can think what we want about nature, it will work anyway. The unicorns are somewhere else. Leave the unicorns alone, they taste like cough syrup and give you the flu.

The truth can’t be broken, it can only be stirred. The more you shake it, the more it takes shape.

I will always ask someone: “Why do you believe this?” You might find that people carry most ideas and beliefs around with them because they give them peace, or purpose, or solace, or consolation for emotional utility, spiritual utility, or psychological utility.

But does that make it true? It’s certainly useful, but does it put your senses to bed or your faculties into focus?

Consolation for consolation’s sake is the idle mind’s crack. If there is one thing that I’m proudly inept at, it is burying my head in the sand. It’s a skill worthy of your best efforts of sabotage. 

Deluding yourself into equating what is pleasant with what is true is like bingeing on anesthetics before jumping into a pool of acid hoping to dissolve before the numbness wears off.

Eventually, all delusions give way to the weight of reality. And you might find that the reality that is doing the pressing is just another shade of delusion. After all, there are two types of lies, those that bring us closer to the truth and those that lead us away.

Reality is a game that is best played drunk on clarity.

There is this tendency to hold on the things that once made us feel good at the cost of those can liberate us. Some of us forget that we only cultivate our strengths when we play to our weaknesses.

The fear to question assumptions is a strange one. Because nothing will change other than a jolt of liberation when you realize that some of your mental boundaries were make believe. You can easily convert your dismissed assumptions into freedom. Most people will fear the emotional pain of questioning their most dearly held notions and beliefs. But at what cost?

Develop a taste for mental anarchy. Exercise your mind beyond its cozy threshold. Shake it into a higher order. The world begins at the edge of your consciousness, so disturb the edge of your consciousness.

What a lot of people don’t know is that the biggest book of beliefs is not a religious tome. The biggest book of beliefs is the dictionary. For all definitions are beliefs, and people have a tendency to take the one thing they know as they the only one it can be known as.

These beliefs are only useful as a communication tool. They are not real in an exhaustive way. They are just suggestions you can take or leave, but not forever.

To practice ruthless clarity you must become a fearless explorer of your foundations. That is to question all assumptions, all your beliefs, all your definitions and ask yourself what emotional utility you derive from it.

To distinguish actuality from virtuality and real shit from bullshit in every waking moment. A foolish prison is a comfortable prison. Yes, the boundaries of your imagination shape those of your reality. Go and breach a little, it's healthy.

Good morning.
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