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The Moment That Changes Everything

The Moment That Changes Everything

Be the music, not the song; the spark, not the fire; the wave, and not the water. You are the fountainhead, dismiss the ripples.

It’s not that crazy paycheck. It’s not that streak of luck. It’s not that milestone. It’s diving into the elusive variable that filled you with this fear and anxiety, indistinguishable from the jolts of excitement, where everything changes.

The moments in your life that changed everything were the moments when you stepped outside of yourself. They were not the moments when you surrendered yourself, but when you finally surrendered to yourself.

The shift from none to one is the fundamental genesis of all trajectories. Dare to live life like a mystic. For all creation taps into the invisible.

The moments when you tapped into the invisible and created from nothing, when you mustered the courage to explore deeply and fearlessly were those where you erected something from nothing. It’s in those moments that you executed the most precious shift that will ever be. 

Dive into your elusive variables and leap into the realities your potential. Your elusive variables will violate all your prejudices, ideas and concepts. Your elusive variables are the harbingers of the radiant novelty of living life euphorically. 

Do not surrender yourself. Surrender to yourself.

Mysticism is to explore where no one has explored before. It is to carve light from the dark. All invention is mysticism. Powered by the lure of mystery, not afraid but boldly curious.

The applied philosophy of Vast pioneers the guiding principles of living life in perpetually innovation; at the edge of your threshold, beyond the perimeter of your standards. Constantly redefining, by defining as the dynamic motion itself and not as its snapshot.

Acceleration is the speed of speed. Vast is the growth of growth.

I focus on the illusive variables. The fields of blindness where you have not yet cast your essence are your opportunities of personal liberation, euphoria and excellence. 

Excellence is a process, a mindset, and a net result. Excellence is not concerned with bottom lines, but concerned with exceeding all ideas of it by making the bottom irrelevant. Excellence defines the line. All others are wagons, excellence is the train.

The most extraordinary moment of growth and creation is not from 10 to 100, but that from 0 to 1. All that ever is, all that ever was depends on this prime impulse. The differential between nothing and something is the universally unique and vital generative impulse. Not many dare, not many can see, not many are able behind the shutters of convention.

Dive into your elusive variables and leap into the realities your potential.

Live life in the differential of the generative impulse and witness yourself living, succeeding and growing in leaps that will defy those around you. It’s in that moment that all curves are born: geometric, logarithmic, sigmoidal, exponential.

When all your attention and intention is focussed on that magical area, you don’t just grow, you grow the growth. Nothing grows bigger and larger and more powerfully than the repetition and cycling of the differential of the generative impulse.

The growth of growth lies concealed as the generative impulse of vitalizing your elusive variables.

A Vast life is life lived in personal infinity. And personal infinity is to live as the fountainhead and not as its ripples. In the principles of Vast, there is no rear view mirror. There is nothing other than your ever increasing capacity and the quest for the potential of potential.

This is not hard. No, it is easy. It’s only as difficult as unawareness. Yourself, infinitely, is yourself in ever increasing, radically free, self-expression and reiteration. And this is true for all those moments that changed everything. 

Vast is living in the motion of that moment in every moment. The motion of the moment that changes everything.
True Enlightenment

True Enlightenment

Thus i Am

Thus i Am