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Organic Flow: The Vast Advantage

Organic Flow: The Vast Advantage

By mastering the methods of organic flow we can live in a continuous state of heightened awareness and playful ability. And this, not just when you have to but as your default mode of existence.

The simple shift in approach begins with the fact that all states are self generated. The way you vitalize your states of existence, from happiness to focus, from accelerated learning to effortless excellence, is not by talking to yourself or by pushing pictures onto your mental image screen, but on a deeper, more direct and fundamental level.

It’s a million times easier than you believe.

Between every intention and expression is a gap. Between every thought and action is an intersection that either offers a clear passage or a constriction. The fewer conditions you place in between those two, the easier it is for you to mobilize your resources and express even the most complex ones into actions. 

This constriction is in fact the only limit most people do and will ever face. And there is something revolutionary about this approach, because the very limits set by our beliefs are not dealt with head on but escalated to the highest authority and thus bypassed entirely. 

You want to feel amazing? You want to feel calm? You want to get into the mood that will allow you to best meet your challenges? Bypass your beliefs and manifest it right where it happens, not where you believe it happens. 

Dissolve the chasm between intention and expression. Liquify yourself and enter the state of flow.

The degree of ease with which you are able to perform at your peak is directly correlated to your capacity to enter and sustain the state of flow. And the degree of effortlessness you are able to experience is directly related to your ability to organically summon the state of flow.

The general mistake people make is to define themselves in relation to others and the past. To look at those around you with too much reverence only weakens you and by extension them. The limits we believe in become the limits we live in. And while most limits exists in your mind, they are put there by others. 

Don’t presume obstacles. Suspend the conventions and presume obstaclessness.

Overcoming this demands a radical shift in mindset to allow you to transcend these limits, not on a case by case basis, but at large. And this renders you at your full disposal beyond the echo of conventional notions.

While it may seem obvious after reading the above, this intersection of thought and action is my discovery. Resonance is a meditation technique I developed and designed specifically for the purpose of gaining awareness of this very intersection and influence it. Effort is in most cases a symptom of the wrong approach. Why then apply effort to effortlessness? 

If you need to work hard on something, maybe you didn’t think hard enough.

After all, peak performance is optimized performance. And optimized performance is your best performance. If you can reliably and intuitively push yourself to that degree of optimization, your ability to perform at your peak and its apex increase. 

This begins with personal alignment, because the only way to be at your best is being at your best. And as obvious as this may sound, it is neglected by even the most prestigious and advanced performance methods.

The ability to align yourself with Resonance and the skill to trigger the state of flow without habitual limitations at the intersection of thought and action, can put you in a league of your own with a virtually superhuman advantage.

This is the Vast advantage
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