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Innovation Bias

Innovation Bias

The chief impediment to a boundlessly creative existence is the default wiring for repetition rather than novelty. We are compelled, as humans, to recapitulate what we already know and thus deny what there is still to know, what there is still to discover.

In general, the more you know about the past the less you care to know about the present, denying the future by extension.

I say the principle of life is innovation. The ever present pursuit of better without regard for what is, other than to make it what was. Creativity these days means something rather unimpressive. The term has been co-opted by those who are merely productive to glamorize their process. 

In this sense, creativity is not in opposition to destruction anymore. This is has grave consequences. Without destruction there is no discrimination for quality and excellence, with the unfortunate consequence of an accumulation of mediocrity. Only that which disrupts by its very presence is truly creative. Creativity has been robbed of its inventiveness and innovation went to sleep.

Innovation as a process lives in the shadows of the unquestioned.

Innovation is the principle of all evolution, revolution, invention and progress. Nothing on this planet, whether of value or its very opposite wasn’t won by a process very much resembling that of innovation. It comes in many colors, guises and forms. By its very definition, if it doesn’t blow your mind it’s not happening.

Only that which disrupts by its very presence is truly creative.

The bias for repetition had many advantages in a world where geographical boundaries had to be crossed by foot and ideas could only travel as far the sound waves our throats could muster. The world we live in bears opportunities on a scale previously unimaginable. You’d be surprised by the amount of old sci-fi novels that featured telephones when the last generation’s videophones are sold for parts on eBay.

In our present world, innovation can take a large slice of our totality. Repetition is not so common. While some might feel condemned to be free, others feel blessed to be liberated. 
Naturally, the world is populated with more wagons than trains. And that is fine, we have all grown in someone else’s slipstream. The key is not to get too comfortable there and aspire to overtake everyone but the railroad crew.

As the landscape of possibilities shifts and changes at an intragenerational pace, so do the opportunities for creative progress. 

But even for the most self-directed among us, the patterns we aim to erase can still creep up beyond the frame of our attention. How to deny one’s programming? The shift necessary to live beyond the patterns of habit, conformity and silent regress needs to occur on a precognitive level. All of the procedures available are incremental and after the fact. 

Let’s up the ante! Rather than to reprogram or rewire a pattern, I’m talking about rewiring patterning itself.

Mind blown? What I’m talking about is a concrete yet intuitive understanding of dogmatic inhibition with the ability to transcend its pull, and push beyond in the very moment of its occurrence. Innovation as a process lives in the shadows of the unquestioned. Innovation as a lifestyle fractalizes this out, 360º into the macro and micro as a reflex. 

Yet I’m not speculating, the principles, methods and techniques to do just that are the very essence of what I have created. What is truly revolutionary about Vast is the ability to relate to yourself on a pre-conceptual level and virtually pre-cognitive level. The tools I developed in Vast allow you to pattern your patterning. They allow you to deny your programming as it happens before it happens by developing the diametric opposite of the chief impediment I mentioned above:

innovation bias.
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