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Now, Obstaclessness

Now, Obstaclessness

Playful like a dolphin, ruthless like a shark. The universe has given your account a balance of infinity. Increase the audacity of your reality requests.

Think of the thing you want the most right now. Don’t low ball. If you could have anything, if money weren’t an object, if locality weren’t an object, what would it be? And if you think of something that gets old as soon as you think it, stop reading for a while, and zone in on the very thing you want the most.

You saw it coming. What stops you from having it right now? You might come up with a few reasons. And most will be very, very reasonable. Let’s call those reasons for not having what you want the most obstacles. 

Usually, those obstacles will also come with a price tag, either in actual money, or in emotional pain or another effort of sorts. Moreover, you will have somehow convinced yourself that not incurring the failure of overcoming said obstacles is more important than the thing you claim to ‘really want the most’.

Do you care enough not to care?

I’m very confident that you will notice the absurdity once you contrast the two in this way. If the prevention of failure is more important than the achievement of success, you just made failure your goal. 

But let’s return to the obstacles. Where are they? I don’t know, I don’t see any. It’s peculiar how the most critical obstacles in the way of your ultimate goals are the most elusive. 

When was the last time you encountered the obstacles in the way of your prime objective?

If you are like most people, your answer will probably be never. Because the obstacles you account for exist only in your virtuality. Virtuality is the common glitch of mistaking imagination for reality.

Now, everyone needs a strategy. Really? I love a good plan, but every plan presupposes a separation, and every separation a form of personal inadequacy, and all of these together a presumption of obstacles. A good plan is efficient and doesn’t take more detours than necessary. So try the beeline first.

How do you know that what you seek is not already yours if you never tried to seize with naive and direct innocence?

The only way to find our your true obstacles is by assuming you have none. It’s usually seen as socially risky to think for yourself, but let’s face it, it’s even riskier not to. Those who don’t think for themselves live in the ideas of others, with all their fallacies and prejudices. What works for me, won’t work for you. Let’s not make mediocrity our bottom line.

The cultural misconception and egoic trap is that failure and success are mutually exclusive. Do you really believe that you are barred from success the moment you experience a failure? 

Just as all comfort is borne of discomfort, failure is the inevitable flower of success.

I used to believe that the world belonged to those who demand it. Then I thought that the world belonged to those who just take it. I became wiser and realized that the world belongs to those who never thought it wasn’t theirs in the first place.

Playful like a dolphin, ruthless like a shark. The universe has given your account a balance of infinity. Increase the audacity of your reality requests.  If you don’t claim it, you will never how much is there. You might just get away with getting exactly what you want, by being just who you are if you only listen for the yes.

You got the game of reality wrong. You carve its shape, you mould its form by your presence within it, as it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Surrender yourself to your objective, suspend the presumption of obstacles and make your reality request.

Enter the state of obstaclessness. Presume no obstacles where there are none. Trade yourself in for vastness. Trade yourself in for infinity. Dissolve yourself and flow with reality. Say no to consistency, and yes to yourself by being curious about just how much lies concealed behind the next audacity you can conjure up.

Face the music. The best and the worst alike, not as opposites but with the latter as the ladder to the former.

I’m ready to be the fool. I’m ready to be the madman. I’m ready to take the flak. I’m ready to face the music.  Because in every moment I know that the presumption of obstacles is but a fear of inadequacy. And I know that the only way to experience myself fully is to request myself fully in the depths of reality. Personal infinity is to always reach and request beyond the known, because the Vast begins at the end of the ordinary. 

Chances are, you haven’t got the slightest notion of what’s in store for you. Need I remind you that that’s a good thing?
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