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It's Not Your Thoughts, It's Something Else

It's Not Your Thoughts, It's Something Else

Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts define the reality of you. Who you are. How much of it you are. For better and worse. It’s how your mind defines you that makes you either powerful or diminished. 

You might have already noticed that your thoughts are not real. You might have discovered that you can replace one thought with another, and so long as you believe it witness yourself changing.

The contents of your mind become the fabric of your reality. And we can learn to harness and master it to unlock even greater powers and abilities. There is an infinity of thoughts, just as there is an infinity of states of existence they can provoke. 

The infinity of boxes pales in comparison to the infinity beyond boxes.

But all thoughts create boxes. We initially build a box to validate ourselves. We build boxes to comfort ourselves or motivate ourselves. And while these boxes allow us to do certain things we believe we couldn’t have done before, they derive their power solely from the fact that they free us from one box by replacing it with another.

Thoughts can supply us with an infinity of boxes. Each box more novel than the next. Each box with ever more invisible traps to emerge when we least expect it. The limits of your thinking become the limits of your world; the limits of yourself and the parameters of your ego.

Don’t just think outside of the box. Think Vast. Go Live there!

The infinity of boxes, however, can’t match the infinity beyond boxes. The radical, innovative and effortless release of your potential erupts when you let the boxes be and operate on a different level altogether.

See, it is not your thoughts that limit you. Without your mind you’re nothing but a complex worm. It’s not your thoughts that are the problem, it’s your relationship with your thoughts. 

With thoughts, one thing is always true, they may not be real but they are happening.

You either master your thoughts or they become your master. They are your most powerful tool and your most harmful reality. The radical shift that will enlighten you to your dormant powers demotes your thoughts back to its rightful place, your toolbox. 

You can’t use a tool unless you know how to abuse it. For if you don't know the limits of your thoughts, you will confuse them for everything. You will equate them with reality. Only when you can navigate beyond the limits of your thoughts will you be able to wield them with elegance and impact.

Self-mastery is reality mastery. 

But no, we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We keep the baby. We keep the water. It’s not just ceasing to believe that your thoughts are real, it’s learning how to wield your thoughts like the vast sword of imagination that it is. 

The clarity of your mind is the blade of your intellect. The blade of your intellect is the freedom of your world. And your independence from it is the liberation of your peak self. You are empowered to use all and everything at your disposal, without reluctance and ruthless playfulness galore.

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