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How to Design a Kick Ass Hypnopompic Morning Routine

How to Design a Kick Ass Hypnopompic Morning Routine

A good morning routine not only allows you to start the day with a bang, but streamlines you to face the day with less effort.

An amazing morning routine leverages your mental mechanisms to create a day filled with flow by making your unconscious work for you.

Hypnopompic Priming

The best way we know to create a positive unconscious momentum is by priming ourselves. Every piece of information and experience affects us and influences our state in the following moments.

The main reason why morning routines are so powerful is what is technically called the hypnopompic state.

It’s the state we’re in right after we wake up. The really cool thing about the hypnopomp is that it, because it follows the dream state, makes us super suggestible.

To make your unconscious mind work for you, you must understand how to prime yourself.

Priming is the psychological term to describe the lingering effect a stimulus has on our moods, abilities, thoughts, and state.

By combining the hypnopomic state and the effects of priming, you can leverage both to create a powerful unconscious momentum to carry you through the day, while being in the zone.

Cultivate Clarity

Things are just easier when our mind is free from the random thought-clutter. Cultivating clarity of mind is a process.

You might not be able to do it fully at first, but by engaging with the process of emptying your mind you will improve until it eventually becomes a spontaneous skill.

Including a practice of cultivating clarity into your morning routine, and combining it with the hypnopompic prime can make clarity of mind a more effortless occurrence.

Early Challenge

When we do things that demand intensity, especially in the morning, our body tends to expect more of the same. This stimulates a general state of readiness to release more of it.

It’s important, however, not to exhaust yourself, but merely stimulate yourself to create the expectation and feed that into your unconscious momentum.

This not only prepares you for the upcoming tasks and challenges, but also sends a message to yourself that the rest of the day will be similar.

You will experience more intuitive and spontaneous access to the component skills of the morning challenge, increasing your levels of focus, performance, and drive.

Value Immersion

It’s best to be grounded. It’s even better to be grounded in your deepest values.

Our thoughts echo in our unconscious mind, and having your deepest values subtly present, drives your focus and your actions toward it.

Being in connection with our values has been correlated with higher levels of drive, well-being, and sense of purpose.

Find out what activities stimulate your deepest values. I could be a particular book, a story, an article, a vision. It’s essential for you to find that in order to design your optimal morning routine.

Design Your Own

To tie all of the above together, you will have to make a plan using the components above. That is a practice of cultivating clarity, followed by a challenge and an immersion with a task that reflects your values.

And by doing all of those during the first thirty minutes of your day, the elements of your morning routine will prime you with a positive subconscious momentum.

  • You don’t have to learn a new meditation technique, you can simply clear your mind by imagining what it would be like to have a perfectly clear mind without using any words or pictures. Set a timer for five minutes.
  • Do some exercise to wake your body and stimulate energy release. If you are fit, sprint around the block, or do a some micro-exercises. It’s not about working out, it’s about stimulating sudden energy release. Do this for five minutes.
  • Immerse yourself with a task that reflects what matters the most to you. Read something intellectually challenging you selected the day before while you’re body is still brimming with the energy of your short workout. Take about twenty minutes.

The adrenaline release from the short work out and the relaxation response that follows physical exertion becomes associated to the contents of your task.

Adrenalin consolidates memories and reinforces the unconscious momentum, and when the physiological relaxation response is followed by a task, we connect the good feelings with the task. In this case, intellectual challenge, your deepest values, readiness for action, and the mental clarity to face the day with effortlessness and purpose.

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