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The Secret to Being Fearless in Spite of Fear

The Secret to Being Fearless in Spite of Fear

You are not on your own mind. There is no tension in your body, no self-doubt in your awareness. And even in the face of threat and under the the weight of pressure, you are not only calm but playfully alert. 

You don’t take stupid risks, but in any other condition you would not act this boldly. You would feel fear. And while you may notice fear, you don’t give in to it, nor do you try to suppress it. You use it to your advantage. 

This fearlessness is not only true within yourself, but also as a presence that radiates out to infect those around you. You are imbued with the personal freedom to be however you want, to do whatever you do however you want to do it. 

And this brings you to the point where you can express and manifest even the most precious notions on your mind without hesitation but instant confidence.

But this effortless fearlessness doesn't come without its demands. The demand to overcome yourself. To not suppress it, but to transcend fear. 

If you want to be truly fearless, you must learn how to deep hack yourself to be fearless because of, in spite of, and irrespective of fear.

It is not easy to operate in this way when you still experience this invisible yet powerful barrier erected between who you think you are and who you know you can be. And its presence paralyzes you in any attempt to act in direct pursuit of your desires, of your ambitions, of your actualization.

There are the attachments to comfort you confuse with safety; the attachments to the familiar you confuse with yourself; and the devotion to ‘fitting in’ you may confuse with leading a successful life. 

As long as these delusive attachments are still present, you won’t find it in yourself to release yourself from the fictive fears. So long as you believe that your safety, yourself and your success is at threat when you step beyond the script, you have far too much to lose to even try.

If you want to be truly fearless, you must learn how to deep hack yourself to be fearless because of, in spite of, and irrespective of fear. The conventional intuition, however, to somehow get rid of the charge of fear only leads to a vicious cycle. Misguided as it is, it just creates an even bigger glitch: the fear of fear.  

You want to be able to keep the charge and dissolve its numbing and disabling force to harness it to your advantage. 

What if you could simply move through fear with minimum waste and maximum joy? No compensatory actions, only your unalloyed, deeply expressed, and magnetic radical presence. 

Forget self-esteem. Forget self-confidence. Forget all the categories.

Imagine who you would be if fear didn’t limit you but vitalized you. I’m talking about the ability to impact the world around you with effortlessness and flow even in the face of chaos.

And there is a lot of advice you can find out there. Some will tell you not to believe your stories. The stories, they will tell you, are why you are afraid. And then, will slyly offer you a replacement story as the solution. 

Others will advise you on externalities. They will tell you to change your behavior and appearance. As if making your levels of confidence in the face of fear dependent on other people’s perception of you, wouldn’t make them just as fragile as they were before.

What is the use of a strategy that needs you to disconnect from the world to put you into contact with it? What is the use of a method that you can only employ after the moment has passed? 

Yet the most absurd myth is the one that instructs you to face your fears right after telling you that they don’t exist. Word play might entertain us into believing that we have found a solution, but it won’t take us to the promised land: fearless, playful, and bold effortlessness.

Fear is not a picture. Not a word. Not a sentence. Not an external event. Fear is a charge in your body.

Nothing else. What we do with the charge is up to us. However, unless you change the relationship you have with it, you are really just reshuffling the deck.

To really transcend your fears, you must begin to see fear for what it really is. A sensation for which you construct words and pictures to convince yourself that they are its cause. You must begin to see fear as unaccounted energy, released, that you don’t know to leverage. 

Fear is danger one step removed, and danger is the catastrophe one step removed. Fear merely alerts us to danger. And finally, fear is not about your existence, fear is only about your quality of experience. That is, you won’t die, you will just feel a little different.

The solution is to learn to identify fear before your usual threshold of awareness. Notice fear before it happens, in its most fragile state. The sensations from which the response develops become subtler and subtler the further you trace them back. 

Eventually, you will reach that point where the ‘fear’ response is unconstructed, uninterpreted. And everything you will notice is the fragile and subtle motion, previously outside of your conscious awareness, that expresses it.

In fact, before it is tagged with its restrictive label, fear is pure energy.

The moment you have become aware of the subtle motion that generates the response, you can develop expressive awareness over it. By noticing fear before it becomes fear, you can use its energy to, rather than contract yourself, vitalize yourself. And this gives you a massive advantage.

Because, rather than to deal with fear after the fact, this allows you to manage it not even as it happens, but just before it does. And because you gain expressive awareness over this on a pre-verbal level, transforming fear becomes a conscious reflex that demands no reflective, cognitive effort at all. 

The key benefit of remaining fully present and vital when fear tries to block your free movement, is that you can have yourself at your full disposal. Without having to pause life to go to a safe place, without repeating some mantra, without going through some n-step routine, but by making an effortless and small shift with a massive impact. 

Become familiar with fear, become familiar with the pang of discomfort, and trace the response back to its motion, the subtler sensations that precede it.

Once you can do that, you’ve upgraded your existential configuration to harness fear and be fearless in spite of fear because you have made the debilitating charge of fear the vitalizing energy of yourself. You, yourself, have become the technique. This is the power of Vast Impact.

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