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What You Need to Master Your Quality of Existence

What You Need to Master Your Quality of Existence

What is the most important thing in your life? Think about it, carefully. You might say material things, or status, or relationships. Maybe it’s your values, your purpose, your mission.

Whatever it is that drives us, we all want different things. But do we? I don’t think so.

We all want the same thing. Exactly the same thing. And we have done and will do everything in response and pursuit of it: quality of existence.

Your quality of existence is your presence, it is your total moment to moment state. It is how you show up to yourself and the world, in mind and experience.

Feelings drive your thoughts and actions. And it's more feelings that they seek and expect. Either to prevent negative ones or maximize the positive ones.

Are You a Victim of Circumstance?

We are oblivious to the underlying principles that govern our presence. Chances are that your optimal states of experience are either a rare occurrence or a distant dream.

You may be able to summon them from time to time. But sustaining confidence under pressure or clarity during overwhelm is a near impossibility.

We are born as victims of our environment and our historical causes. Our surroundings and our precedents define us more than we do, unless we are trained.

To what degree can you define your levels of personal alignment independent of your external circumstances?

Neuroscience has shown that we unconsciously generate our states of experience. Yet the wonderful descriptions of the brain are useless in helping us find the self-determination to do it intentionally.

On the objective level there are neurochemicals, synaptic firings, micro-muscular contractions, relaxations and more. But we don’t do any of these things on the objective level. 

The essence of mastering your quality of existence lies in its present and conscious causes. They are the things you actually do on the inside as you interpret the reality outside.

Knowing how to do that can allow you to make your quality of existence independent from your external circumstances. Here are some basics on how to do that.

Distinguish Thought from Meaning

Your mind and body are inextricably linked. Changing the way you think can alter the way you experience yourself. 

Sometimes, the right thought comes along and creates an amazing shift. But if your thoughts command you to diminish yourself, you generally obey.

What gives your thoughts power is not the content nor their style, but the meaning they carry. Changing your thoughts doesn't work in the moment.

You don’t need to force yourself to change your thoughts. You can simply change their meaning.

As with typical positive thinking, it leads to an inability to face uncomfortable situations head on. Leading to repression rather than more self-determination.

The path to mastery is simple. Realize that your thoughts are wholly separate from the meaning of your thoughts. Nothing has a more powerful effect on your experience than meaning itself.

This allows you to face challenges without them affecting you. With the ability to distinguish between thought and meaning, you can strip it and assign it to your experience.

This is a powerful strategy for staying in flow in spite of adversity and shifting yourself into higher states on command.


Imagination is one of our most exceptional gifts. Yet we end up forgetting to distinguish imagination from reality. Confusing one for the other is virtuality. 

It consists of pictures, sounds, words and all the other elements of your mind. And as it locks you out of the present, it expertly fools you that its landscape is real.

When you are in virtuality, you don’t respond to the real world but to the ghosts in your mind. As you follow its implied equations and rules, you have little choice over how you respond and behave. 

You can devirtualize by dropping all pictures, words, symbols and representations from your present experience.

Devirtualization grounds you in the deep now. It enhances your clarity of mind and power to exercise your freedom to choose how you show up without virtual self-interference.

Resonance meditation is the most effective method of devirtualization.

Master the Difference

What you perceive is what you experience. That is the difference between where you were and where you are.

The charges in these differences create your states of existence. Whether they are anxiety, fear and stress or flow, confidence, and euphoria.

The ‘you’ before you enter a moment, and the present situation itself, form the charge that is your state of experience.

By becoming aware of these two data points, you can master the differences that generate them.

These two data points are not real. They are mental pictures and felt expectations that you can consciously manipulate.

As each of these charges represents a different state, you can dissolve, design and provoke any state you like–negative or positive.

Force of Intention

Your quality of existence is the total present moment configuration of your presence. Every presence is self-generated.

The hitch is that the ordinary modes of verbal and visual thought don’t have the force of intention to affect your total state this way.

Before every internal change of state, there is an impulse. Between every intention that turns into an action, there is a gap where this impulse transforms the former into the latter. Yet few people know that you can consciously leverage these impulses.

What happens right after you receive an uplifting message and before you actually uplift yourself? What is it that you are doing inside yourself to bring this radical change about?

To master your ability to access and sustain a state of joy and happiness, for instance, you need expressive awareness of its present causes.

This allows you to influence your quality of existence independently from your circumstances.

Cultivating this force of intention is one of the most powerful applications of Vast: Pure Expression. Giving you the power to dissolve restrictive states as they emerge and summon higher states of consciousness as you require.

This is how you can learn Pure Expression and find out how it works.

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