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Can We Develop Pre-Cognitive Self-Mastery?

Can We Develop Pre-Cognitive Self-Mastery?

Our lives are defined by how we feel. How we feel defines how we think and how we experience ourselves in the world. 

It doesn’t matter what we do, whether we are trying to start a business, live a more meaningful life, or trade our stress ridden habits for more aligned ones. The results we enjoy are a direct consequence of how much of ourselves we can bring to the table.

What holds us back the most are not the circumstances we live in. Yes, they can make things easier or more difficult. But for every person in the world there is a counterpart.

Someone who in spite of starting out from worse circumstances, having less talent, and less to offer achieved far more than you. What matters is how you show up and how much control you have over it.

Every state we have experienced, so long as it was not drug induced, is a state we directly generated ourselves. 

And even if we look at the historical precedents, we have to admit that every state is a present moment configuration of ourselves. In the future it might be seen as mere foolishness not to directly define one's state of experience.

We can live passively and wait for the circumstances to make us happy and confident. Or we can learn to make our state of presence independent from external cues and set the mood, the stage, and ourselves.

Rather than to live outside in, we can live inside out.

How we actually generate our states, according to the mainstream, is still a mystery. The answers of neuroscience, as fascinating as they may be, are useless in helping us master our states of experience. 

You can’t downregulate your amygdala, but you can overcome fear. You can't just release serotonin, but you can learn to show up with more equanimity.

When it comes to your actual experience, you don’t even have a brain. The descriptions we have are only as good as the tools that allow us to make an impact.

Unless you're a neurosurgeon you can't influence your brain, only your mind. And that is good news. Because the best solutions are elegant and independent from external parts.

If we generate our experience in every moment, could we become aware of the pre-cognitive processes and direct it?

The psychological approach has been to look at the historical causes of a state of experience, let it be happiness, and try to reconstruct the precedents. 

But in the end, it amounts to nothing more than stories and behavior modification with a very limited range of effects. A direct path to influencing our experience, so far, is missing.

Yet we know a few things with certainty. Our states of existence are self-generated in response to our interpretation of reality. And every state is a present moment configuration of our totality that is preceded by a set of unconscious impulses that generate the state.

The question I wanted to answer in my research was if we could not just cut out all the stories, all the theories, and access our higher states of experience in the way we do naturally. 

The net result of any psychological method is a conscious intuition that leads to the part of ourselves we need most access to. 

If we could develop awareness of these unconscious impulses that generate our states in every present moment, we could not only rid ourselves of stress but trigger our ideal states of experience with the very same impulses. 

What this entails is enormous. Imagine yourself being able to access a state of confidence with intuitive immediacy, that is the ability to make happiness and satisfaction an immediate and direct choice.

Or realizing the moment you feel stressed and run in loops, that you can simply escalate it to the pre-cognitive level and directly shift yourself out of it. 

Most interesting, however, is the ability to simply sustain flow states of mental and creative clarity for prolonged periods without resorting to chemicals, natural or synthetic.

This would, of course, fly in the face of all conventional knowledge. The most advanced methods of reaching flow states, so far, are still passive, either modifying one's environment or thoughts.

The latter prevents clarity of mind as it clutters it with things to keep in mind that interrupt the flow state, and the former gives one the illusion of mastery locking the state to only a small set of conditions. If you can't do it outside of the right conditions, I maintain you can't do it.

Pre-cognitive self-mastery means that we can transcend the circumstances of our surroundings and bypass our minds to directly access our higher states. Outright.

Just like that.

But I am not teasing you with a distant future of technological innovation. What I have been describing are the fruits of my research and the essence of my approach. 

All of the above is possible right now. You can learn how to access the parts and states you require by learning how to use Pure Expression.

Pure expression is this very skill of bypassing your mind to directly define your state of experience. The only question is whether you are ready for this level of creative self-determination.

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