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If the Power of Now Is Wordless, the Deep Now Is Silent

If the Power of Now Is Wordless, the Deep Now Is Silent


There is one thing most people struggle with.

And it's the same thing most of the Great spiritual teachers and eminent psychologists agree on.

We are being controlled by an internal voice that dictates how we ought to feel, think, and be.

It's one of the prime causes of self-interference and most are not even aware that there is a voice commanding them around.

The more unconscious it seems, the more we are at its mercy.

There was a guy called Eckhart Tolle. He still is, actually.

He made a killing telling people to be present, to seize the power of now.

However, in his book, he has little to offer on how to actually do that. Just descriptions of how blissful that can be and that our internal voice is the barrier. How do we overcome that barrier, Master Eckhart?

If talking to yourself alienates you from the present, no amount of talking to yourself can get you there. Or here. Not even a book filled with words about it. 

There are no solutions from the West to silence your mind. There are various from the East, however. But they require heavy rituals and their success rates are so-so as the methods are quite indirect and laborious.

The problem with rituals, sitting in a position, lighting up incense, closing your eyes, doing that meditation thing, is that you don't have access to what you can create there when you are in the flow of life.

I never liked that about Eastern spirituality. Surprisingly rigid. And also, I wonder how you are supposed to be present when your eyes are closed visualizing something that is not really here.

I'm a radical proponent of organic methods. Methods that are intuitive, naturalistic, and direct in their impact. Just like nature. When your mind is suddenly silent for inexplicable reasons, there is no five step technique. Somehow, you just do it.

I call those inexplicable reasons that seem to make a large impact with a shift small enough to be invisble or inexplicable, generative principles. 

They are the principles I look for and developed and still develop Vast from. 

Or to put it differently, if I have to work hard for something I probably could have thought harder about it.

A clearer path usually requires less effort. Or in the words of the author: Don't apply force. Apply mind.

Let's return to the Eastern approaches to silencing your mind.

Steep learning curves. Long-term study. Spotty results. Dogmatic metaphysical baggage. All for something that should be quite simple. At least that's what I think. 

What if there was an easier solution? 

One that had almost no learning curve.

One that had not even a ritual.

One that doesn't even have any environmental requirements.

A solution that is effortless and direct that can be used wherever you may find yourself.

If you look at reports of people who managed to silence their internal voice, they often mention feelings of euphoria, peace, balance, flow, focus, clarity, and so on.

I personally don't value peace too much. Euphoria appeals more to me. I thrive in chaos (also known as nature) and don't seek to avoid it. 

So peace, which is the absence of such chaos, appeals little to me. I'm like a five-year old who actually likes to eat his greens! Broccoli is my big mac, chaos is my peace.

Everyone is entitled to their flavor of a clear mind. But how do we even clear our minds and silence our internal voice without a ritual and with natural directness?

After all, isn't your identification with your internal voice an illusion?

Movies are an illusion too and all illusions can be broken, can't they?


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