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The Spirit of Vast

The Spirit of Vast

The spirit of Vast is unconditional illumination, that of liberation itself, with no boundaries, foundations, nor ultimate states of being and final destinations.

A clarity of insight and being that is not contingent upon a withdrawal from the world but is radically present however the world is and whatever the configuration of self-hood may be.

The Nature of Distortion

This world, of course, is experienced in consciousness. But that does not mean that consciousness is all there is, just that without it everything is nothing as we can ever know it.

However, distortions are inherent in consciousness. Whoever says otherwise is either following the dogma of others or that of their own complacency. 

Whatever the case, they both incite a failure to exercise clarity of perception. Unless we can remove the distortions from our reality, we can’t expect to see with absolute clarity. 

Distortions are functions of our consciousness. With the limitations of our senses, those of our neurology, those of our mental processing, those of our conscious awareness, and those of our attention, we have multipliers of our blindspots. 

We are forced to deny the holes of our awareness to form a whole appearance of the world. It’s as if we are looking at a photograph of a landscape where half is missing.

Yet in our failure to see that, we unconsciously distort the photograph to appear whole. Simply removing the distortions is impossible without removing consciousness itself.

Ignoring the Supreme Perspective

One pillar of our conscious development is recognizing ourself as the creator of our total experience. Though this is not achieved by merely recognizing ourselves as consciousness itself. 

The creator of our total experience is not the canvas but the painter, not the well upon which we experience the ripples but the fountainhead that decides whether or which distortions to form. 

Ignorance prevents us from seeing that all of our experiences are merely ripples and agitations on the surface of consciousness as it meets with whatever may be beyond. Recognizing this ignorance leads to a knowing of the field in which the ripples arise. 

Though it gives us a supreme perspective, unless we know and understand the creative force of the ripples, we are like a king who is ignored and disobeyed by his people. A freedom based on that is counterfeit and dependent on a denial of the concrete. 

Freedom from chaos is one thing, imperviousness to chaos, however deep we may find ourselves in it, is another. This imperviousness is the capacity for liberation. The innate resourcefulness to create freedom irrespective of our conditions.

It is arrogance that makes us deny the limitations of our make up and claim final destinations to satisfy our complacency and compensatory needs for dominance. Once we fall into the trap of believing that we are free from distortions, we've only played a trick of vanity on ourselves by ascending back into our initial ignorance. 

The Way of Chaos

The defining factor is not the substance but the life it breathes, not the circumference but the law of its dimensions, not the core but the code of its emergence. 

And to realize this we must forgo on seeking an absence of chaos in favor of a fusion and most intimate alignment with its distortions. And this to the point of mastering them to distill and recognize ourselves as the creative essence beyond, the fountainhead.

The possible variations of realities are infinite and if compared, on the surface, contradictory. As there are no neutral states, the only thing that is and can be irreducible is the creative essence of the distortions. That is the principle by which the states of self-reality form and distort.

Liberation Is the Boundary

Our ignorance of the distortions and our inability to transcend them limits us the most, leaving us trapped in their illusions and compulsive in our requirement to deny them.

As the distortions can’t be eradicated, the only way to transcend them is by becoming so intimately aware of them that we fuse into them, become them, and thus dissolve them. The difference between us and them disappears, and thus, by becoming the boundary it doesn’t bind us anymore.

Once we can play with the parameters of distortion, we are not only free from them, but we’ve acquired the capacity for liberation. That is the ability to create freedom with full self-determination irrespective of the conditions. 

As we fuse more wholly with the distortions, we learn to control them intuitively and additionally become able to distill the creative essence that underlies, overarches, permeates, and ignites them — the intersection of our self, reality, and consciousness.

This creative essence is the pinnacle of insight, the logic of reality, the fountainhead of existence, and the spirit of Vast.

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