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De-Stress, Energize, and Clarify Your Mind in Less Than Three Minutes

De-Stress, Energize, and Clarify Your Mind in Less Than Three Minutes

You have a body. You have a mind. You have a will. You have desires. But can you align them to work to your immediate benefit?

Shouldn't it be within your capacity to dissolve stress and anxiety; turn mental fatigue and a fogged up mind into clarity and focus; and stimulate physical and mental energy at will? 

I'm speaking about an effortlessness of being and energized state of self that I call generative vitality. I believe that you should have access to that because you can have access to that.

Generative vitality is the ability to summon clarity and energy with conscious control, without external help, and directly from within.

How many times do you find yourself looking for short-term solutions like coffee, sugar, prescription pills and other means to overcome a lack of vitality?

What if you could find a sustainable way to do that? What if you could reverse anxiety into presence and confidence in just a few minutes?

Contractions of Effort, Stress & Tension

Effort and tension are, it seems, our constant companions. It might be impossible to imagine yourself with the ability to refuse them when you require.

The reality of our states of experience feels capricious and externally determined. However, you might have had the sense that you don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances.

In a way we all know that our states are a choice we make. But while the words may resonate wildly with our deepest desires, the skill to make that choice appears more present in the world of hopes than in that of concrete action and ability.

Energy and stress are inversely correlated. Stress is energy in opposition to you rather than at your disposal.

When we are in the throes of stress, doubt, and anxiety, we experience an agitation within that moves in opposition to us. This creates the physical and mental contraction that feeds its own vicious cycle. 

Naturally, energy and stress are inversely correlated. When the agitation is ours, and we feel in control of it, because in truth we always are, we fuse with it and direct it. That is what we call energy. When we can generate that energy and align with agitation, we have vitality.

There is a new way with which you can create generative vitality with nothing other than your body and your mind. And the best thing about it is that it takes less than three minutes to do.

Intuitive. Immediate. Impact.

Most approaches that promise to reduce the contractions of stress, attempt to slow our minds and bodies down. The end goal is relaxation but effectively it looks more like tranquilization. I’d rather de-stress into vitality and clarity, rather than to sedate myself. I’m sure you feel the same.

Common meditation techniques, like mindfulness and mantra meditation, have a steep learning curve, require long sessions of usually at least twenty minutes, and for most people rarely achieve the goal of clearing one’s mind and reducing stress in one sitting. 

We vitalize ourselves all the time. What if we could find a better way, a faster way, and more effective way?

The Vast perspective is that everything we can experience spontaneously, which is about everything, is something we can generate consciously.

No rituals but immediate access. No beliefs but practical impact. No theoretical world salad but intuitive directness. And this by using the natural processes we already have in an explosive combination. 


This is where it gets interesting. This is where it gets exciting. I developed a technique with which you can do exactly that. Summon mental and physical energy, dissolve the contraction of stress, and create mental clarity in less than three minutes.

Is it plane? No. Is it Superman? No. Is it magic? Maybe. Is it Vast? Yes. More precisely, however, it’s Pompa!

You will, I’m sure, wonder how such a thing is possible and how I was able to develop it. Well, it began with ambition, segued into failure, and turned into something else.

My initial goal was to develop an entirely mechanical way of generating full-blown euphoria. By mechanical I mean that it would not require any refined states of awareness and mental gymnastics, but the most basic elements so that anyone can do it.

While I didn’t quite achieve that, yet I got close and getting closer still, I accidentally succeeded in developing something else: Pompa.

A sequence of breathing styles that you can use whenever you are, however you are, and wherever you are to create generative vitality in less time than it takes to listen to a pop song.

Imagine your mind, but silent. Your body, but light. Your will, but effortless.

By settling your nerves while stimulating your mind and body, Pompa solves a variety of problems. Energy is something we usually exhaust at the gym and lack when we need it the most. And it’s mental energy that is the rarest.

We experience decision fatigue, waning will power, poor focus, cluttered thoughts, lack of awareness and attention because we lack the fuel to power it.

But the problem we usually face is not a lack of energy, but an inability to summon it in an effective way. After all, it is energy in our bodies that is used by our minds. That’s how Pompa helps you trigger this mindful drive and focus.

How does it work?

One of the most impactful ways to create dramatic changes of state are differentials. Those are the differences between one state and another. 

Few experiences compare to the intense differential of a negative expectation not materializing. The following calm state of gratitude and relief is immediate.

Few experiences generate as much sudden and explosive energy as a positive surprise. The power of these lie in the differentials, one of the pillars of mental self-mastery in Vast. 

With the power of differentials and Vast technology, you can be calm and energized at once. And it’s easy, too.

I analyzed the different styles of breathing and sequenced them in such a way to generate this vitalizing state of mental clarity and focus by being calm and yet full of energy. And this why Pompa is so fast and powerful at generating its effects.

That is dissolve stress and anxiety; turn mental fatigue and a fogged up mind into clarity and focus; and stimulate physical and mental energy at will.

The question is how much could you squeeze out of life right now if you could liquefy stress to generate vitality and clarity in the next three minutes?

This Is How You Can Feel However You Want, Whenever You Want

This Is How You Can Feel However You Want, Whenever You Want

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