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This Is How You Can Feel However You Want, Whenever You Want

This Is How You Can Feel However You Want, Whenever You Want

Why do you feel the way you feel right now? How much of that is determined by your beliefs about yourself? And why do you believe what you believe about yourself in the first place?

How you feel controls your behavior, your thoughts, your level of presence and embodiment. 

Why can’t you control when your mind works at its best or when you are driven to pursue your dreams? When you are naturally confident and balanced?

Naturally, we all have a sweet spot where all the above things are at their optimal level. But why can’t we control our states of mind and being directly?

The answer lies in your unconscious, and the challenge is whether you can make it conscious.

Whenever your state of mind and experience changes, you make that change unconsciously. 

Every state of yours is just a different configuration of yourself.

When you see something or hear something that influences you, you first have to interpret it to let it influence you.

What happens after you interpret it? Whether it’s a thought, a picture, a situation. You create a response.

And if you want to feel and be a certain way, confident, at peace, motivated, creative, all you often require is the right thought or experience. But that rarely works.

Unless, however, you knew what you are doing unconsciously to create that response. If you knew what buttons you are pushing within yourself, you could trigger the state outright.

Now you can imagine every state of mind you’ve experienced as having a button you pushed unconsciously in response to your environment.

If you knew how to make that unconscious process conscious, you could trigger any state of mind at will.

If you could make the buttons conscious, you would be able to truly define and choose your state of mind, emotion, attitude etc..

Here is the cool thing. With Vast, you can do that. You can uncover the unconscious buttons of your favorite states, and learn to push them consciously.

This means that you can feel however you want, whenever you want and wherever you want.

What if you could trigger focus while you are procrastinating? What if you could trigger confidence next time you consumed by self-doubt and low-self-esteem? 

What if you could trigger creative states of mind when you want to create the best work of your life?

What if you could Think Vast and do all that?

Well, could is wrong. Why? Because when I discovered these buttons, Pure Expression and Active Motion, this has become something anyone can learn.

With specific techniques and exercises to develop the skill and practice it, you can decide what state you are in even if your thoughts, surroundings, or people say otherwise.


The Active Wisdom of Freedom

The Active Wisdom of Freedom

De-Stress, Energize, and Clarify Your Mind in Less Than Three Minutes

De-Stress, Energize, and Clarify Your Mind in Less Than Three Minutes