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Don't Seek Peace. Live Euphorically!

Don't Seek Peace. Live Euphorically!

Peace escapes. Euphoria transcends. Liberation is.

Most of our lives are spent avoiding trouble, discomfort, chaos, inconvenience, you name it.

Seemingly, to seek order and balance.

Because we expect that the absence of trouble, discomfort, and chaos will liberate us and engender an elevated quality of existence.

And so we think that peace is what we ought to seek.

The experts, gurus, and salespeople with the shiny websites will tell you so too.

What is this peace?

It is nothing other than the absence of trouble and chaos.

To achieve peace is to escape the chaos to hopefully live in a world of order.

A world that is sanitized enough to never surprise nor shock you, because nothing ever happens that challenges your notions, views or expectations.

Yet order and chaos are non-existent. 

Chaos is what we say to shame nature when it doesn’t align with our desires. 

Order is what we label nature when it seems to align with and seemingly obeys our desires.

Seeking peace is seeking the absence of trouble. That’s escapism.

But you want to transcend trouble and chaos. You want to be free from it even if you are submerged in it.

That’s Vast. The way of liberation and euphoria.

When you seek euphoria, you don’t seek relief and you don’t seek from lack. You seek from passion.

I always tell my Buddhist friends: “You seek peace and most of you fail. You are trapped between peace and trouble, chaos and order.

When you seek euphoria you are between it and peace. If you fail, you are at peace, if you succeed you are euphoric.” The way of Vast is radical and unconditional. It is driven by the structure of euphoria and liberation.

It doesn’t matter whether life is chaotic (against your biases) or ordered (with your biases). The euphoric way of spontaneous liberation is to ride the waves of chaos between peace and euphoria, one with nature, whether aligned or not.

Pursue What Really Makes Your Heart Beat Effortlessly Alive

Pursue What Really Makes Your Heart Beat Effortlessly Alive

Think Vast. Live Vast. Be Vast.

Think Vast. Live Vast. Be Vast.