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Let the Pebble of Your Consciousness Burst into Reality

Let the Pebble of Your Consciousness Burst into Reality

Your mind is a vast ocean of unconsciousness harboring the pebble of consciousness within which your life unfolds.

The fact that you are aware right now is a mystery.

The fact that you can reflect on that awareness is a gift.

Consciousness is a privilege too often taken for granted.

That in the unfathomable complexity of your mind, or mind at large, you are endowed with the ability to know and create.

And there was the day in your life and the day in our evolution when this consciousness emerged.

This is such a miracle because mind by default is not conscious, let alone conscious of itself. 

Unconsciousness is the norm, consciousness the exception.

And before you see, hear, feel, or think anything, your mind has already done the hard work for you, unconsciously.

What you experience right now is a product of these processes and more.

Your reality is filtered through the vast ocean of sense and mind, simplified for you to grasp consciously.

And this reality, your reality, exists only there. In that tiny pebble within that unconscious ocean of mind.

The universe is moved through the limits of your senses, then those of your mind, those your biases, of your attention, and then those of your consciousness.

And in that pebble of consciousness, the diamond of your life, you experience reality. And within that reality is what you currently experience as You.

With every limitation a distortion occurs, unique to the situation and the individual. 
The missing information is ignored and the available pieces sown together as if nothing were missing.

All of your experiences are but one in a vast range of variations. Everything in consciousness is relative to how the limitations are applied.

And when you look at yourself right now, ask yourself what you really are in light of this.

If your reality is unconsciously distorted by these limitations within your mind, and your mind is a part of you, aren't you more than you can ever perceive?

Can the appearances of your reality and self really be trusted?

That's Vast. Sip it, be it, liberate it.

The Inception of the Vast Pod

The Inception of the Vast Pod

Two. Three. None. You.

Two. Three. None. You.