Hack your optimal state of mind and live on the creative edge of your potential. Think Vast.

Pursue What Really Makes Your Heart Beat Effortlessly Alive

Pursue What Really Makes Your Heart Beat Effortlessly Alive

Vast is to live on the creative edge of your potential.

First we learn to think Vast. We gain an understanding, a deeper awareness, and a penetrating overview.

Then we learn to be Vast. We begin to embody what we know, our awareness graduates from a mere knowing to an expressive awareness that seizes the power of that information.

And finally, we live Vast. We don’t only know it, we don’t only embody it with expressive awareness, we live it in interaction with the world and all of its obstacles.

We transcend the chaos of the world. We connect with the deepest and wildest within and express it because of, in spite of, and irrespective of the world around us.

To look at it the Vast way is very simple. You are yourself to the degree to which you feel and are alive.

Whatever form or shape that takes. The waves of vitality within are the only constant.

Our true purpose is a moving target, only realized by the vital truth it gives us. You are only truly yourself when you forget yourself in absorption with something greater than any conception of yourself.

When you connect with that subtle sense it magnifies, envelops, and exalts you to the creative edge of your potential.

That is the friction and the tension of excellence. That’s you true self, the creative movement beyond the edge of your self, your consciousness, and your reality.

Not where it leads, but where it happens to be.

It’s the sensation on the edge of who you think you are to become what you truly are.

Not peace. That is just the absence of trouble. Euphoria. Not freedom, that is just an escape into novelty. Liberation.

Your senses are heightened, crystal eyes, infinite taste, subtle and monumental feelings, boundless ears.

Vivid. Primal. Transcendent.


And things are falling into place. The lap of creation.

And that takes no effort. Acting from that. Living from that. Being from that.

Think Vast and discover that. 

Be Vast and live from that.

Live Vast and actualize that.

Die to Rise

Die to Rise

Don't Seek Peace. Live Euphorically!

Don't Seek Peace. Live Euphorically!