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We Truly Connect When We Connect by Inspiration

We Truly Connect When We Connect by Inspiration

We can be connected by inspiration. We can’t connect by recapitulation.

There is no lowest common denominator. The only common denominator is our highest one.

Vast is not just to be yourself, comfortable with yourself, liberated within yourself, and fearless in your thoughts and actions.

It is more than that. It is connecting with others and the world on the basis of your uniqueness.

Of what use is freedom in isolation. Of what use is it to merely repeat the cliches we’ve been taught if we can enrich the world with something that speaks of yourself and sings of the present.

That is what I seek when I speak to and connect with others. Not what I can already understand, but that which is wildly unique in them.

Shock me. Offend me. Yes, and I will widen my field of awareness.

What is it that only you can see, do, experience, and create? That’s what I want to know.

No matter how well or underdeveloped it is, that is the only ground upon which to erect your presence in the world.

Vast is to bring your highest self into every interaction.

To boldly express, assert, and embody what sets your soul ablaze.

That is who you are. That is who the world wants to see.

The one you are when you feel and are the most alive.

And you will break some rules, conventions, hearts, and expectations.

That’s the sound of mediocrity shattered into a thousand pieces making space for the electricity of your passion and magnificence.

When you are driven from your unique creative essence, others will be inspired to do so as well.

You will leave them with no choice other than to widen, deepen, and refine their awareness of and presence in the world.

Every connection provokes us into a different configuration.

Embody your vastness and provoke the vast configuration.

It will not only bend your reality but that of those around you.

Think Vast.

Butterfly Effects Are at the Core of the Vast Technology

Butterfly Effects Are at the Core of the Vast Technology

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