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The Inception of the Vast Pod

The Inception of the Vast Pod

What about making philosophy sexy again? What about giving the full, total, and radical insight without the mediocrity of simplistic encouragement but actual empowerment, Liberation, and clarification of your existence?

About two years ago a few notions of mine came to form a fertile thought.

What is the purpose of personal development audio. By that I mean guided meditation, hypnosis tracks, inspiration stuff, and edutainment, as well as educational audio.

Guided meditations aim to transform you by offering you new perspectives and configurations of consciousness to apprehend the world by.

Hypnosis tracks aim to reprogram you to engage in other types of behaviors than the ones you are used to.

Inspirational tracks hope to change your mindset and your way of being. Not unlike the above two.

One thing that bothered me was how cheesy they are. The music is cheesy. The delivery is cheesy. All of them seem to have the same tone of voice, saying the same things, and the same cliches.

The narrators of guided meditation seem to believe that the only way to be conscious is by whispering, excluding a vast set of human expressions from their project.

Hypnotherapists seem to be hellbent on using the same tone of voice, just as inspirational speakers somehow can't quite shake the conditioned inauthenticity of the average preacher.

Furthermore, I could not see any transformation taking place other than encouraging words without actual and concrete empowerment.

Asserting that we are amazing and powerful and infinite do little than to replace one story for another that reality will soon spoil by showing us how untrue it is. And that is not to say impossible, but to say that unless we know how to overcome our self-imposed restrictions, no amount of encouragement can mend the fundamental glitch at the core of our false notion of self.

Transformation must happen in a conscious way. It must be a whole thing, not just a few words of encouragement but insights of greater power so that we don’t require any encouragement in the first place.

Or as Elon Musk put it: If you need encouragement and motivation you probably shouldn’t do it.

This is where the issue of authenticity in personal and spiritual development makes itself apparent. The coaches and gurus are usually just fifty pages ahead in the same books you read and never finished and repeat what they heard with an uncalled for sense of authority.

Where is the true insight? Where are the notions that truly liberate us? Where is the voice of the being that has experienced, transcended, and returned with the boon of clarity?

Encouragement is not enough, if not harmful to say the least. It brings only self-deception, harm, and mediocrity if left unchecked. Let the current president of the USA be a gentle reminder of that. Regardless of support, we have bravado without competence taken to its mediocre best.

The last thing you want to happen through self-deception is external success, your wounds will become the business of the public. One reason why our day and age is probably the worst time in human history to be famous.

The same is true when we consider the recent upsurge of guided meditation, especially as smartphone apps. Are these really meditation or aren’t they closer to hypnotherapy?

If the words are there to sooth you and switch off from the hectic day, that is therapy based on guided suggestions. Nothing wrong with that, but it is not growth, nor is it liberation, nor is it mental self-mastery.

Unsurprisingly, that is the definition of hypnotherapy. The way I see it, meditation is when we can consciously direct the movements of our minds, actively not passively.

And that is also the definition of meditation, in Sanskrit and Latin. Meditatio in Latin, means to think, devise, and contemplate.

The Sanskrit term Dhyana is translated into meditation as well. The meaning is derived from two root words. Dhi, which means receptacle or mind, and yana, which means moving or going.

From both etymological perspectives, meditation is a movement within the mind. The question is whether you can precipitate these movements yourself or whether you are the mercy of your environment. The latter might be of use, but of no more use than aspirin. 

That is the thing that truly matters, increased self-determination. That is what we all seek if we allow ourselves a moment of honest reflection. That is what Vast in its most esoteric practices is about and can teach you.

What we find, just as in the world of politics and mass media, are encouraging soundbites with no deep understanding of their meaning nor a path to actualize them.

Everything is one. Fine. Who said it? The Buddha. But is it true for you? Not yet, I see. Can you make it true for you, from your own perspective? Aha, we have a problem.

We must resist adopting world views that seem more comforting than our own and learn to transform how we see the world from our own perspective.

And then, maybe, if you apply yourself, you will be able to see the world in an illuminated way without the effort of recalling quotes and soundbites, but from your authentic perspective.

A borrowed perspective, even if it comes highly recommended, is still not your perspective. First, you must shed the fallacies that obstruct your view by facing and dismantling them from within.

What I found lacking in all of these was expressive awareness. What is that? It’s the ability to put our ideas information and wisdom into action, in the moment, at the speed of life.

There is a compromise made of using simplistic language to express complexities in a way that makes the listener ignore them rather than gain greater awareness and expressive awareness over them.

Hindsight is not only 20/20, but useless unless the same thing were to happen again. However, if you are dealing with humans, rest assured, they can use hindsight too to, again, be one step ahead.

This applies to all of our human qualities and abilities. The degree to which you have access to your brainpower, your emotional power, your soul power, your self completely even if things around you are challenging is the essence.

That can’t occur unless we have deep understanding of things that allows us to interact and influence the elements of our existence into alignment with our objectives and desires.

That is existential education. And Vast is such an existential education.

I’ve not only discovered how to self-determination and expressive awareness a reality for me by entering into higher states of consciousness at will and bypassing the agitations of mind, but I have also taught others how think, be and live Vast.

The question here is then, what is different about Vast and other methods? It’s ruthless clarity.

That means that the theory of Vast is utterly and necessarily concrete. There is no fat on it. There are no mythical impositions, no entities or processes we have no direct control over, and no allegiance to any model of thought or being.

That means that it allows us to master our experience and existence using only the phenomena we can perceive and witness directly. Thus, charting the direct and effortless path to personal liberation and greater presence.

Intuitive enough to be entirely free of mental gymnastics. Immediate enough to convince us of its validity and give us the results w e want. Impactful enough to be effective beyond mere self-deception and placebo.

See, we don’t need more empty words, we need expressive awareness over the processes the words describe. You can’t consciously turn on a neuron, nor can you activate a brain region at will. But you can learn to master the subtle impulse within that may correlate with it.

The more thoughts, words, and mental images you need to access yourself, the more detours you are taking. And as they have a way of turning against you, they are no horse to bet your life on.

We don’t need more automaticity and programming, such as we might find in guided meditation and hypnosis tracks. We need conscious awareness of ourselves and mastery over our behavior not because we ignore what happens but because we face it.

We don’t need more preaching, we need an actual technology to do the things we are being told to do or want to do.

We need an understanding that is deep, encompassing, and lucid enough to make our new found knowledge, active knowledge we can apply and put into practice. From awareness to expressive awareness.

What we need is philosophy, technology, awareness, practicality, and impact that is not cheesy but rivals that of the creative arts we have today.

What we need, I am sure, is a new way of learning transformative insights, not from those who merely repeat but from those who have discovered with their own bare hands, minds, and souls.

And that would be something authentic in expression, transformative in insight, stimulating in intellect, practical in life, and deep in impact.

I started to develop this format with many initial failures. It is not easy to do. The conventional modes of speech, the cheesy choices of music, the striking of the right balance between entertainment and education, took many attempts. Yet, I eventually found a way to fuse all of these, without compromise into one format.

I called this format, for now, the Vast Pod.

And in the beginning it was difficult to make them shorter than one hour. I could speak all day and forever about Vast in mind and existence.

However, I have one right here for you. It is short, sweet, deep, and a taste of the things to come.

I would love to hear what it did for you. I have many more I would like to share. Vaster in scope, longer and more powerful

It is called, The Vast of Creative Beauty. Listen to it.

And get your free download below.

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