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Let's Be Reasonable. Let's Be Foolish

Let's Be Reasonable. Let's Be Foolish

How can I even be unreasonable? There is no reason in the world. The only reason is in our minds. And yours will be different to mine. So when I’m being reasonable, I’m really just being boring, banal and predictable. 

Reason works on the basis of the past. Logic is trying to make conclusions about the future, by often ignoring the present to the benefit of the past. We still have more future ahead, than we have a past behind. And I don’t care if I’m wrong because believing that will always give me the edge.

So let’s really be reasonable. Let’s be so reasonable that we examine logic logically and realize the ground on which it stands, and the legs it hasn’t got to stand on. 

Let’s come to the only possible conclusion that logic can only know what it already knows. Not more. Logic can only endeavor to find consistency. But consistency with what? Itself or reality? 

Let’s come to the conclusion that reason can only conclude on the basis of what it has already seen. Not what it doesn’t know. And let’s also come to the conclusion that in every present moment we have choice, to either affirm the past or open up to the future.

Logic without illogic is inept to discover anything new. Reason is unreasonable without its own subversion. So leave the logic of the past to create a logic of future. Abandon the reasons of the past for those that emerge. To not impose with a lazy mind, but to observe with an alert one. To not assume with conceit, but to discover with zest.

We are not ignorant, or are we, to presume that we already know it all? We are not dogmatic, or are we, to follow orders and procedures by rote? We are not stagnant, or are we, to sit in the excrement of our laurels past?

We are intelligent enough, aren’t we, to shine light upon the blindspots of our mind no matter how awesome. We are open minded and innovative, aren’t we, because we always strive to increase our field of personal and collective power by creating boldly. We are generative, aren’t we, to exceed ourselves by adapting to ever new developments.

So let’s be reasonable. Let’s be foolish. Always ahead of the curve.

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