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Reality Is a Pipe Dream, a  Microscope Will Tell You

Reality Is a Pipe Dream, a Microscope Will Tell You

Reality is music and truth like a song. You can listen to many songs and some will be more musical than others. But not one of them will equal to music. 

Just like beauty, it is not inside the picture or thing you behold, it is evoked within you. A song is indicative of music, something beautiful is indicative of beauty. 

Now, take this room, if you have the privilege to be trapped in one. We all have a different perspective of it. We can even fool ourselves into believing that we all have the same one because we share a vocabulary. But it is obvious that we all have a very different experience of it. Just look around at those faces. 

The truly radical differences in points of view are all in the realm for which we have no vocabulary. And who knows the actual room, the full room here? No one. 

Not even all points of view combined would render it fully. Each point of view is a distortion, an interpretation. There is not absolute room for you to know, you are simply incapable. 

However, this is good news! You are free from the naive notion of an absolute reality. You can fully concentrate on your subjective concerns.

Objectivity is a pipe dream, ask a microscope! See, these interpretations are yours, yours only. And interpretations, of course, can’t be judged by their truth value because truth is merely indicative, rather than absolute. 

An interpretation can only be judged according to a value, that is a goal or aim. To what degree is your particular point of view enabling or disabling you in relation to an outcome? 

How do you create, recreate and shift your point of view on an experiential level? Not just talking to yourself, as if, but actually.

All reality is distortion, and we distort it all together. Once you know that you have the choice to cast your veto and the deciding vote on your reality and, yes, also those of others, which will you choose? Will you find it in yourself to choose at all?

Seeking Existential Utility

Seeking Existential Utility

Let's Be Reasonable. Let's Be Foolish

Let's Be Reasonable. Let's Be Foolish