What if you could enter your optimal states of mind at will? 


I believe that our most elevated states of mind are natural states and I have discovered how you can summon them at will.

Do you sometimes feel so stressed that you lose your grounding and balance? 

Does anxiety interfere with your ability to focus on what fills you with meaning and purpose? 

Does fear prevent you from exercising your freedom of choice to live in bold alignment with what you truly want?

Do your thoughts and emotions sometimes block your ability to show up with the creativity and focus to feel and perform at your best?

Or maybe you’ve grown so used to it that you don’t even notice how not having access to your best self slowly diminishes your quality of life and levels of deep success.


Decide when you are confident, driven, passionate, creative, calm, focused, and balanced.

Every moment in our lives is measured by the degree to which we have access to our abilities to feel good, think clearly, and be free.

You might have grown up believing that you are a passive spectator of your moods, thought patterns, emotions, and your states of consciousness. 

Maybe you believe that you are only as good as other people’s opinion allow. Or that you can only be as happy and confident as your current circumstances prescribe.

But in each moment where you decrease or increase your levels of presence in the world, it is not the world out there that does it, but something that you do after you interpret it in a certain way.


You have created every state of mind you’ve ever experienced, ever wondered how you did that? 

There is an underlying principle that defines how you feel, think, show up, and impact the world around you.

Something that you can learn to do that will allow you to define your state of mind independent of external factors.

Like any passionate, driven, and smart individual, you know how precious these rare moments of clarity and power are. 

Moments when you are so absorbed by what you are doing that you only register an effortless, boundless present moment focus where you feel, think, and work at your best.


You can hack your optimal state of mind.

With the powerful and intuitive methods of Vast, I can show you how to bypass your mind to directly access your optimal states of experience and performance.

Do you want to know how to trigger you freest, best, and favorite version of yourself no matter the circumstances?

Do you want to know how to cultivate deep and natural confidence just because you decide so?

Would you like to be able to generate those powerful states of flow and alignment to work more efficiently, more playfully, and with less effort?


Step up to the edge of your potential and ignite your personal power.

If you could learn how to enter any state of mind and experience in the world at will, which would you choose and how would that transform your life? 

I train and coach people how to do that. I show my clients how to design, improve, and cultivate their optimal states of mind to access and sustain them whenever they require. This is what it means to Think Vast.

Who are you when you are at your best and what would you do if you could be that right now?