What is Vast?


Vast is to live on the creative edge of your potential.

Vast is to be the one who sets the parameters of your existence. 

Vast is the intuitive mastery to enter your highest states of mind at will.

Vast is to exercise ruthless clarity in your thought and perception.

Vast is the insight into the structure of euphoria and how to actualize it.

Vast is to recognize, understand and realize the essence of meaning and the power to wield it.

Vast is not just the ability to cultivate freedom of mind but the spontaneous capacity of liberation.

Vast is awareness of the nexus of consciousness, self, and reality, and the expressive awareness to influence it.

Vast is to be wave, not the water, the spark and not the fire, discarding the ripples and abide as the fountainhead. that forms them.

Think Vast